Gaston Turns Five

It was five year ago Sunday that Tropical Storm Gaston dumped torrential rains amounting to almost a foot of rain on this area in just 24 hours. By the evening of August 30, 2004 the dam at Falling Creek Reservoir was in danger of giving way. Evacuations took place up and down the same creek as entire sections of Falling Creek Apartments washed away leaving numbers of residents without shelter. Huge stones that made up the historic double barrel stone bridge over creek were washed away like Lego blocks. It has yet to be rebuilt, only stabilized.

Other Chesterfield creeks left their banks as well. The Swift Creek Mill Theatre had several feet of water in its first floor dining room. Part of I-95 was shut down and secondary roads, too many to count were put out of commission. Trees that had been loosened by Hurricane Isabel the previous year finally gave up their hold in the soggy soil and fell taking out power lines with them.

The photo above was taken on the morning after. A building in the Falling Creek Apartment complex hangs perilously close to the churning creek.


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