Good Guys in Sport: The heart and soul of Chester Middle

When asked to describe Geof LeSueur, a big smile spread across Sylvan Martin’s face. Her reply was a simple, “Awesome!” As I spoke to other past and present students this week at the Chester Recreation Pool, the sentiment was much the same.

“He is the most dedicated teacher in the school. You can tell he really cares about us,” chimed in Briton Spriggs. Gabe Higgins added: “He is a winner, but at the same time he never shows favoritism toward the star athletes. He really shows a passion and a respect for running.”

LeSueur is the longtime athletic director, track and cross country coach at Chester Middle School. His leadership is responsible for the highest participation rate in extra-curricular activities in Chesterfield County. LeSueur is known for meeting the busses on the first morning of classes just to make sure the new sixth graders know about the opportunities that await them at Chester.

“He always has time for the kids,” parent Nancy Ellena said. “He is out raising money for the athletic program, conducting a summer running program, and involving kids all winter with his running club.” She credits LeSueur with much of the school spirit that has been so evident during these last few months. “Those Chester Athletic Sweatshirts are literally everywhere.”

Providence Middle Assistant Principal David Ellena served with LeSueur for many years on the CCPS Middle School Athletic Council. “For Geof, it was never about wins or losses,” she said.

“For him it always came down to what was in the best interest of the kids. I mean this in the broadest sense; not just Chester kids, but all kids.”

For his efforts, LeSueur was recently recognized as Chester Middle’s final Teacher of the Year. True to form, he used this platform to deflect attention away from himself by producing a plaque to honor fellow teacher and coach Bob Gulley. The plaque will find a permanent home in the entry foyer of the Chester school.

With the closing of his beloved school, LeSueur will be moving in the fall to Carver Middle ,where he will no doubt prove to be a tremendous asset to a whole new group of students. Student life for the Cougars will never be the same.


Coach LeSueur is absolutely

Coach LeSueur is absolutely amazing, both as a teacher and a coach. He is definitely the heart and soul of Chester Middle. When the school closing became a possibility his concern was focused on the loss of athletic opportunities for the kids in this area with 1 less middle school and not at all concern about himself. He is a class act from start to finish - a real role model for kids. The Chester community is lucky to have him!

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