Police Blotter

BRADLEY BRIDGE RD 7/01 Unknown suspect/s entered the residence through the unlocked rear porch door and then kicked in the locked rear kitchen door. Once inside, the suspect/s stole multiple items from the bedrooms.

CHALKLEY RD 7/01 Unknown suspect/s entered through a rear door to the residence and stole miscellaneous property from inside. The victims were not sure whether the door was locked or not.

WELDON ST 6/26 Brookside. A dirt bike was stolen from a residential garage, which was reportedly secured. No signs of forced entry were found.

HAPPY HILL RD 6/30 Suspect/s attempted to enter the victim’s shed by prying a piece of wood from the window.

SWIFTRUN RD 6/30 The complainant reported the license plates stolen from two vehicles that were parked on his lot.

HARROWGATE RD 7/04 Harrowgate Elementary School. Unknown suspect/s used lighter fluid and matches to set a fire on the bed of an empty logging truck at the listed location.

TINSTREE DR 7/04 Tinsberry Trace. The residence was entered through the rear door. Property was stolen.

EAGLES CREST DR 7/02 Eagles Crest. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked garage and removed items from inside.

TINSBERRY PL 7/04 Tinsberry Trace. The rear door was kicked open and property was stolen from inside.

BARRISTER RD 7/02 Courthouse Green. The rear door was forced open at the residence and property was stolen from inside.

VELDA RD 7/02 Central Park. Unknown suspect/s entered the unlocked garage and vandalized the vehicle inside.

SECOND AVE 7/02 The front door was kicked in and the residence was ransacked. It appears nothing was taken.

LOGANWOOD DR 7/02 Happy Hill Farms. Entry was gained to the residence through an unlocked kitchen window. Items were stolen from inside.

CARDWELL RD 7/02 Atlantic Construction Fabrics Incorp. The suspect/s pried an exterior wall in order to enter the business. Property was removed from inside.

MEADOWDALE BL 7/03 Regency Lake Apartments. The door of a storage room was kicked open and the interior was vandalized. Nothing was reported missing at the time of the report.

WOODSACRE LN 7/03 Riggers Station. The suspect attempted to gain entry by kicking a side door, but entry was not gained.

HILLTOP FARMS 7/02 Hilltop Farms. An unknown suspect broke the passenger window out of the victim’s locked Jaguar and took miscellaneous property from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/02 Wawa. Property was stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

GREEN GARDEN 7/03 Greenside. Items were stolen from the victim’s locked vehicle.

KINGSTON AVE 6/26 Cameron Hills. Suspect/s entered the complainant’s unsecured tractor trailer cab and removed miscellaneous property from inside.

HOPKINS RD 6/28 Unknown suspect/s stole a 2011 decal off the victim’s front license plate.

VERDICT CT 7/05 Courthouse Green Apartments. Unknown suspect/s vandalized the victim’s Mazda and stole the side mirror.

BRIGHTWOOD AVE 7/02 Central Park. License plates were stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

FUQUA AVE 7/02 Fuqua Farms. The victim’s unlocked Honda Civic was stolen from the residential driveway.

HUNDRED RD 7/02 Dubberly Tractor & Equipment. Suspect/s cut the lock on the back gate to the business. Once inside the fenced lot, they loaded two lawn mowers onto a flatbed truck from the same business and drove it out through the gate.

EVELAKE RD 7/01 Kingsland Gardens. The victim’s scooter was stolen from the residential property.

MINEOLA DR 7/04 Chipchase. A golf cart and ATV were stolen from a residential yard.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/03 Shady Hill Trailer Park. Two known suspect/s entered the victim’s trailer and robbed them at knifepoint.

BRAEBROOK DR 7/05 Braebrook Village. During the overnight hours, unknown suspect/s entered the unlocked outbuilding and stole property from inside.

COGBILL RD 7/07 The victim saw the suspect inside his vehicle, near his CD player. At this time, nothing was reported stolen.

COURTHOUSE RD 7/06 L.C. Bird High School. The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s white 1998 Ford.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/02 Associated Scaffolding Company. A catalytic converter was reported stolen from the victim’s 2002 Ford Explorer.

HAPPY HILL RD 6/30 The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s green Ford Ranger.

HOPKINS RD 7/04 Victim reported his 2009 blue Kawasaki Trex 4 wheeler was stolen from the front of his residence.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/06 Breckenridge Shopping Center – RadioShack. An unknown suspect entered the store and asked for an item behind the counter. As the employee placed the item on the counter, the suspect pulled a gun and demanded the money from the register. After taking the money from the register, the suspect fled the area on foot.

TINSTREE DR 7/07 Tinsberry Trace. Entry to the residence was forced through a rear window and miscellaneous items were stolen.

LITTLE CREEK LN 7/07 The complainant discovered two unknown suspects inside the vacant residence when he arrived to work on it. One suspect was taken into custody by arriving officers.

PERRYMONT RD 7/04 An unknown suspect removed a window air conditioning unit in order to enter the victim’s residence.

MARINA DR 7/06 Falling Creek Apartments. Victims awoke to discover the front door had been forced open, damaging the doorframe.

BETZ CT 7/02 Branders Estates. Unknown suspect/s crimped the line to the HVAC unit outside of the vacant property and cut the circuit breaker in an attempt to steal the entire unit.

BACKWATER DR 9/01/2009 Meadowbrook Farm. The victim said miscellaneous property was stolen from his vehicle.

SYLVANIA PL 7/07 Trust Mortgage Corporation. An unlocked 2003 Honda was entered and property was reported stolen.

COGBILL RD 7/06 School Board Transportation. An inspection sticker was reported stolen from an unlocked  county school bus.

MARIA DR 7/07 Greenleigh Mobile Homes. The victim was in the shower when she saw someone looking through the frosted window at her. An investigation led to the identification of the suspect, who was taken into custody.

STANLEY DR 7/07 Meadow Ridge. Unknown suspects entered the shed by prying the latch, which was secured by a pad lock. Miscellaneous property was stolen.

BRYANBELL LN 7/01 Irongate. Entry to the residence was forced through a rear door. Nothing appeared to be missing.

KINGSLAND RD 7/08 Scrap metal was stolen from a utility trailer in the area.

FENESTRA CR 7/08 Salem Woods. An unlocked green 1993 Jeep Wrangler was entered and at this time, nothing was reported stolen.

TOTTY ST 7/04 Complainant reported that miscellaneous property was stolen from an unlocked 2000 Ford Crown Victoria.

AMASIS CT 7/06 Kings Forest. A black 1997 Honda Civic was reported stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/06 The victim reported his green 1993 Jeep Cherokee was not returned after being taken for a test drive by the suspect.


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