Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

JTCC could have an enrollment of over 10,000 this year. That’s an 11 percent increase over last year. Although spread across two campuses the influx of student is a commentary on the economy. We like keeping our student in Chesterfield, at least for a while.    – bump

School activities travel budgets were cut in half during the last budget cut. Local high schools don’t have sports boosters and will have to figure out how to get their teams to games. They may have to throw some games just to keep from paying to travel to state championships.  – down

 Scandal in state news: Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell apparently has some pretty right wing ideas. His theory of the erosion of family structure has dad riding honcho over the lady of the house. Yes he wrote it 20 years, but its so 1200.  - wag

A CCA comp plan forum last brought questions about property rights, a vision for Chester, plans for Branner Station roads, sidewalks, trails and parks and providing entertainment options for 20 somethings. A bar on every corner.    - up

The Cloverleaf Mall revitalization continues to languish although it’s expected that $16 million in bonds needed for infrastructure will be sold by the county by the first of 2010. Chesterfield is keeping the costs capped while we wait for a big grocery store.  – neutral

The Chesterfield Board of Supervisor delayed a vote on an amendment to the noise ordinance. Police will still investigate reports of loud disturbances. I wonder if they can catch that guy thumping down our street at 2 a.m.?


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