Dauber Dash is back: Second annual event offers fun with lots of mud

There’s more to the Henricus Dauber Dash than running on a scenic trail in a historic location. Think crawling. Think climbing. Think wading. And think mud – lots of mud.

On Saturday, Aug. 7, runners will have the chance to get down and dirty in the second Henricus Dauber Dash, which will be held in Henricus Historical Park and the Dutch Gap Conservation Area. Chesterfield County’s Department of Parks and Recreation and Sports Backers are hosting the event, which will benefit the Henricus Foundation.

Last year, nearly 500 people participated in the inaugural Dauber Dash, said Jackie Holt, a public relations and communications assistant with Sports Backers.

“We’re already up to like 150 [registered participants], which is well ahead of where we were last year,” Holt said.

The 5-mile mud run begins on the bluff overlooking the James River, according to Sports Backers’ website. On the Dutch Gap trail, runners will navigate walls of hay bales, army crawl through areas and wade through the tidal lagoon, the site says. After wading the channel and once more negotiating the hay bale wall, runners will enter the Citie of Henricus on their way to the final mud pit, named for Buttercup the pig, it says.

There are more obstacles on this year’s course, Holt said. A portion of last year’s run went through the James River, she said, but the 2010 event won’t include a dip in the river, which was high on the day of the dash last year.

“You’ll get a little bit wet [during the run], but you won’t be swimming,” she said.

The Dauber Dash will begin at 9 a.m. A 1-mile Mud Guppies run, for children ages 8-14, will begin at 11 a.m., according to Sports Backers’ website. Though their course is shorter, the kids will finish by running through the same mud pit as the adults, the site says.

The fact that the run is at a “different location” – an area that someone wouldn’t run in all the time – is a large part of its appeal, Holt said.

“It’s just a beautiful, historic site, and there’s something to look at wherever you’re at on the course,” she said. “Everyone loves the idea of just getting muddy and getting dirty. Something like this is not a race that people are going to run to set a record.”

Registration is $30 for the Dauber Dash and $10 for the Mud Guppies run through Aug. 5. On the day of the race, registration for the Dauber Dash and Mud Guppies run will be $35 and $15, respectively, according to Sports Backers’ website.

Registration includes a T-shirt and recovery food for the participant. Prizes will be awarded for the top three overall male and female winners, as well as for “Best Costume” and “Best Mud,” the site says.

The race had a 1,500-person capacity. Participants can find more information about the race, and a link to online registration, at http://www.sportsbackers.org/events/dauber_dash.htm.  


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