Chester Recreation dominates 19 other CAL teams

The Chester Recreation Association continued to flash the unbeatable combination of quantity and quality as it cruised to yet another Chesterfield Aquatic League Championship. Chester easily outpaced Woodland Pond by nearly 500 points in claiming the 2010 title. Meadowbrook Country Club had a fantastic second day, claiming a fourth straight division title. The Highlands finished second in its division, while Beulah showed great improvement and finished third in its division.

The Chesterfield Aquatic League divides its swimmers into three ability groupings designated as gold, silver and bronze. Stephen Covert (CRA), Meaghan Payne (CRA), Josh Reynolds (CRA), Karson Jennings (CRA), Trey Gardiner (WP) and Lacy Posner (WP) were multiple winners in the gold division. They were joined by Myra Anne Martin, Gabby Crouch (CRA), Ryan Polino, Sophia King, Jillian Butler (WP) and Andre Wilson (HST).

Silver champions were Ty Lauthan, Molly Claus (HST), Morgan Cunningham, Victor Kontopanos, Kellyn Staneart (MCC), Jeff Newkirk, Garrett Lydick, Carson Miles, Ryan Polino, Shannon Coryell (WP), Brenan McCaffery, Hunter Vay, Lori Horning, Colin Neal and Angel Pajimola (CRA).

Bronze champions included Morgan Leonard, Caitlyn Hastings (MCC), Lindsay Grohowski, Alex Benfanti (HST), Ryder Sadler, Hannah Ensler, Bethany King (WP), Jacob Carwell, Joseph Spriggs (double winner), Jordan Morris, Brenan McCaffery, Shelby Bartilotti, Caitlyn Rotchford, Palmer Jones and Colin Neal (CRA).

The 2010 Championship Meet was held last Friday and Saturday at the Beulah Recreation Pool. The athletes and volunteers welcomed perfect swimming conditions after suffering though record high temperatures throughout the regular season.


Chesterfield Aquatic League

I can't tell you how excited I was to see your article on the Championship meet. My son, Brenan, age 8, was able to see his name in the paper for the first time ever! He showed great improvements at the Champs meet and earned 2 gold medals, something that I never did decades ago when I swam.

But I was also equally as proud to read about what MBK CC's team has accomplished in recent years. And I was even more excited to see that some of those little ones that I taught to swim at age 4 are still enjoying the sport 10 years later.

I have and always will be a huge advocate of the team spirit and individual success that comes with our local summer swim league. Everyone is a winner!

Thank you,
Rachel Meredith

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