Where’d the summer go?

The summer is coming to an end and just like that another school year begins. This summer has gone by especially fast; I feel like yesterday was Memorial Day and now here, we are again, waiting for the tax-free weekend and the before-school sales. No matter how short this summer seems to have been, we Lashleys have had a ball. Maybe it has gone by so quickly because we are constantly doing something. I don’t know, but now that the little guy is at the age where going places is fun, off we have been.

We started off with our annual vacation to the beach. This year, we headed further south than Nags Head and hit up Topsail Island instead. I have to say, although the drive is longer, it’s worth the trip. Topsail is a family beach through and through; the only nightlife down there is getting an ice cream cone and walking on the Surf City Pier, which suited us just fine. The little guy decided while we were there that he no longer likes sand and would only tolerate playing on the beach for an hour or two at the most; thank goodness there was a pool around to keep him occupied. I’m happy to say that the little cupcake has proven to be a beach bum just like Mommy; we girls do have to stick together!

Our other adventures have been on a much smaller scale. Daddy and I each have taken Ben on a movie date (You have to love the air conditioning in the theater, nothing like it.) and we have now been to Busch Gardens a few times as a family. Even little Lily does well at Busch Gardens. I love that you can spend all day there and no one really gets cranky until the moment you are walking the five miles (or so it seems with a hot and sweaty 4 year old dragging behind you) to the van. Lily is happy in her stroller looking at everything and everyone and happily will lie back for a nap when the mood strikes her. She is such a good little thing.

On the other hand, Ben has gotten to be such a grown up that he now wants to ride rides by himself! Of course they are the kiddie rides, but it still amazes me how confident he is to just walk up and hop on whatever ride there is and have a ball. I was extremely nervous at first that he would get scared or fall off of something, but when I see the pure joy on his little face as he whizzes by on a flying dragon or a lady bug going at daring speeds my heart does a little flip flop, but in a good way. He’s really growing up and doing things without the help of Mommy and Daddy and loving every minute of it.

So between the beaches, the movies, Busch Gardens, endless days in our back yard blow-up pool (a Godsend with the little ones) ice cream and Popsicles, bug bites and Mommy’s sunburn, this has been a wonderful summer and I hate that it has gone by so quickly. I guess the answer to my question lies in that last sentence. Where did the summer go? Well, we all know what they say: “Time flies when your having fun.” Isn’t that the truth?


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