Countdown to ChesterFest: Fun and games for the little ones

The Kids Zone: A place to inspire creativity, fun and friendly competition, a place where children can participate in sack races, wheel barrow races and jump on inflatables and, ultimately, a place where parents can take their children and know that the end result will involve happy, sweaty, tired kids – a parent’s dream. On Sept. 25, ChesterFest will take over once again and the Kids Zone will be going full force.

This year’s roomier Kids Zone will offer many of the same favorites as last year’s. Kids can jump on and slide down multiple inflatables, and eventually just wear themselves out.

If that doesn’t do the trick, they can participate in numerous games that will be going on throughout the day. Kids can take part in sack races – which always seem to end with someone on the ground, someone winning and everyone laughing – wheel barrow races, hula hoop competitions and two-legged races. The goal is to help those kids have a great time, win a prize and want to come back again next year.

To get all of those budding artists to come out of the woodwork, craft stations will be set up under the Fest’s big, white tents. The kids can make cards using paints, markers and crayons, and those cards will be divided between the troops who are so bravely serving our country and patients in some of the nursing home facilities in the area. No matter who each child makes a card for, someone’s day will be brighter because of it. Along with the card making station, kids can enjoy a sun visor-making station again. It was such a big hit last year that ChesterFest’s organizers decided to bring it back. After creating their works of art, the kids can then show them off by wearing them around ChesterFest.

Let’s not forget the little ones that love to toddle around! The Kids Zone will once again have a play area for the smaller ones, which will include the corn dig – tubs of corn that the children can play in, sift and dig in for buried treasure – and the parachute games. And for everyone, the face painting is always a favorite.

So folks, mark your calendars for Sept. 25. ChesterFest will be back again and, while enjoying all of the great crafts, food and entertainment, don’t forget to swing on by the Kids Zone and let the kids have a grand ole time. Even if you’re just a big kid at heart, stop on by and get your face painted!


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