Police Blotter: January 27, 2010

SANDWAVE RD 1/11 Somerset. Victims heard an explosion in the front yard. Several days later, remnants of a possible bottle bomb were found in the front yard.

HOPKINS RD 1/16 Meadowbrook Plaza. Dollar General. A suspect threatened to blow up the business. The suspect was found by responding officers and taken into custody.

MEADOWDALE BL 1/16 Meadowdale Townhouses. A residence was entered through an unlocked front window and property was stolen.

STATUTE ST 1/17 Courthouse Green. An unknown suspect entered an apartment by breaking the glass in the rear door. Property was taken from inside.

DAWNSHIRE RD 1/17 Bellwood Elementary School. Officers responded to an alarm call at the school and discovered the glass broken out of an exterior door. A search of the school resulted in the arrest of the suspect, who was found to be in possession of the stolen property.

W HUNDRED RD 1/15 United Beverages of Virginia LLC. An unknown suspect pried open an exterior door to gain entry to the business. Once inside, the suspect smashed the glass out of an interior door to enter an office. Nothing appeared to be missing.

ORANGE HILL AVE 1/14 The victim heard someone outside her residence messing with her air conditioning unit, which is attached to a side window. The victim yelled at the suspect/s, who then ran off. There were no signs of damage to the window, however a small dent was seen on the air conditioner.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/16 Design Air LLC. Complainant discovered the gate had been kicked in and multiple air conditioning units were missing.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/15 The victim walked to her vehicle in the parking lot and loaded her purchases. When she went to get her purse, she noticed it had been taken from her shopping cart.

REDWATER DR 1/5 Singer Associated Fire Equipment. Property, including scrap metal, was stolen from inside the business.

IRON BRIDGE PZ 1/16 Unknown suspect/s removed a helmet from the victim’s scooter, which was alarmed at the time. The alarm did not activate.

CONIFER RD 1/16 Suspect/s removed a metal brake from the victim’s truck.

WOODWORTH RD 1/15 Quail Oaks. Suspect/s siphoned gasoline from the victim’s Ford Taurus.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/11 Shady Hill Trailer Park. An unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and removed property from inside.

ORANGE HILL AVE 1/15 Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s vehicle, rummaged through the interior and took items.

NOTTINGHILL DR 1/16 South Pointe Landing Apartments. The license plates were stolen from the victim’s 1993 Saturn.

RIVER RD 1/15 The license plates were stolen from the victim’s GMC pickup truck.

KINGSLAND RD 1/15 A suspicious fire was discovered in a barn.

HARROWDATE RD 1/17 As the victim was entering the store to make a purchase, the suspect, who had been a passenger in his car, drove off in his vehicle. The vehicle was recovered later that evening and the suspect was taken into custody.

IRON BRIDGE RD 1/14 Victims were in the parking lot of the listed location when the armed and masked suspect pulled up, jumped out of the vehicle and demanded their property. Upon taking several items, the suspect drove off.

QUINNFORD BL 1/15 Papa John’s Pizza. The victim arrived and delivered his pizza. Upon returning to his vehicle, he encountered the armed suspect who demanded his money. The victim quickly drove off, leaving the suspect behind.

SLOAN CT 1/16 Falling Creek Apartments. Armed and masked suspects robbed the victims of their property as they were standing outside in the parking lot. One of the suspects cut the face of one of the victims as the suspects fled the scene.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/14 Tobacco and More. The suspect entered the business and walked to the cooler area, where he displayed a sawed-off shotgun to the clerk. After the clerk opened the register, the suspect took the cash from the drawer and then fled to a vehicle driven by the other suspect. Responding officers located the suspects, taking them into custody.

HARROWGATE RD 1/15 Victim was driving on Harrowgate Road when the suspect vehicle hit her in the rear. The victim stopped to check her vehicle and was confronted by one of the male suspects who demanded cash for the damage to the suspects’ vehicle. Frightened, the victim handed over some cash. The suspects then drove off.

ORANGE HILL AVE 1/19 The rear door of a residence was kicked open and property was stolen.

HAMLIN CREEK PY 1/18 Evergreen Homecrafters LLC. Suspect/s entered the crawlspace of two houses under construction and removed property.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 1/19 Whip Twist. Witness saw an unknown suspect attempting to enter the business through the front door. When the suspect was confronted, he left the area on foot.

BERMUDA AVE 1/19 Point of Rocks Estates. An unlocked green 1984 Ford Bronco was entered and at this time nothing was reported missing.

CINDERWOOD DR 1/20 Mason Woods. Unknown suspect/s kicked open the locked rear door of the residence and stole items from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/20 Chester Masonettes. A residence was entered through an unlocked door and property was stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/21 Genesis Realty of Virginia Inc. Property was stolen from the victim’s truck.

S CHALKLEY RD 1/20 Former Kroger. The rear license plate was stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

RIVERVIEW CT 1/20 The license plates were stolen from the victim’s 2000 Ford truck.

CRICKLEWOOD DR 1/20 South Pointe Landing Apartments. The victim’s locked Honda Accord was stolen. It was later recovered at an address in the county.

EANES RD 1/21 Piccolo Construction. An unsecured building, which is under renovation, was entered and property was taken.

TAYLOR LANDING PL 1/14 Woodland Pond. Suspect/s stole the front and rear month and year decals off of the victim’s Nissan pickup truck.


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