Police Blotter

HOPKINS RD 9/05 Mayflower Trucking. A truck trailer was discovered engulfed in flames at the location.

ALCOTT RD 9/06 Rayon Park. The victim said he was attacked by the suspects while walking near the location.

WILLIS RD 9/04 Sleep Inn Motel. The victim was assaulted by known associates.

WILLIS RD 9/05 Fights broke out in the parking lot and shortly thereafter, shots were fired. No one was reported injured as a result of the shots fired. One victim had been pistol-whipped during the altercations.

WILLOWDALE DR 9/06 Hickory Hill Estates. The residence was entered by unknown means and property was stolen.

AVOCET CT 9/05 Woodland Pond. The residence was entered through a rear window. The interior was rummaged through and items were stolen.

S BEULAH RD 9/04 Regency Lake Apartments. The victim returned to find the frame ripped from her rear door and property removed from the interior.

GOOLSBY AVE 9/03 Heritage Court Apartments. A vacant apartment was entered and a fire was started inside.

COCHISE TL 8/16 Indian Springs. The victim said his residence was broken into and miscellaneous items were taken.

GATESGREEN DR 9/03 Courthouse Green. A known suspect was attempting to enter a residence by kicking the front door open.

DEERWATER CR 8/01 Huntingcreek Hills. Unknown suspects attempted to pry the rear door open to enter the residence.

EXTER MILL RD 8/28 An HVAC unit was stolen from outside of the residence.

HOPKINS RD 9/05 A locked vehicle was entered and items were stolen.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 9/03 Ettrick Elementary School. Miscellaneous property was removed from a school bus.

BROADWATER RD 9/05 Broadwater Townhouses. The victim left his 2000 Ford Explorer unlocked and running while he went into an apartment. An unknown suspect was seen jumping into the vehicle and driving away. The vehicle was recovered a short distance away.

AUSTIN CT 9/03 Prestwould Farms. The victim’s 2009 Mitsubishi was taken from the residence, where it was left unlocked with the keys inside.

BRAEBROOK DR 9/03 Braebrook Village. The victim’s 2004 Chevrolet Impala was stolen by a known associate and recovered on Interstate 95 where it was involved in an accident.

PLANET RD 9/04 Regency Lake Apartments. A known suspect stole the victim’s 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe, as well as several other items, from her residence.

HARROWGATE RD 9/04 James Mart. An unknown suspect armed with a handgun entered the store and demanded money from the register. Upon receiving the money, the suspect fled the store on foot.

DALHART CT 9/07 Mineola Heights. Suspect/s entered the rear yard of the residence and removed property. Suspect/s entered the unlocked garage through the rear door, but did not take anything from inside.

BRIGHTWOOD AVE 9/03 Hoffman Communications. Suspect/s cut the lock to the fence to gain entry to the perimeter of the towers. Copper was stolen from inside. Suspect/s cut the lock from a storage area, where the interior was rummaged through, but it did not appear as though anything was taken.

GOOLSBY CT 8/30 Heritage Court Apartments. Entry to the residence was attempted through the rear door where damage was found.

AUTUMN POINT DR 9/03 Patrick Construction. Miscellaneous property was removed from the site of a house under construction.

WILLIS RD 9/05 Bellwood Manor. Tabs were found broken off trailers parked at the location. Some of the trailers had been entered and rummaged through.

COXENDALE RD 8/30 AT&T Communications. The back of the site was entered by cutting a chain link fence from top to bottom. Copper was stolen from the site.

HOPKINS RD 9/07 The victim was sitting at her table when the suspect approached, saying the victim had dropped something. As the victim was distracted, the suspect grabbed the victim’s purse from the table and ran out.

TILEHURST CT 9/07 Kendale Acres. The suspect admitted to stealing the victim’s property from his unlocked and open vehicle.

ARVIN DR 9/07 Bellwood Manor. Unknown suspect/s entered several vehicles and removed property.

WARE BOTTOM SPRING RD 9/03 C.W. Wright Construction. The complainant reported the vehicle part stolen from his work truck.

COXENDALE RD 9/06 The victim reported his property stolen from his friend’s vehicle.

MANASSAS DR 9/04 Kingsland Glen. The rear license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s 1993 Honda Accord.

MAJORICA DR 9/06 Salem Woods. A burgundy 2002 Nissan Maxima was reported stolen.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 9/01 Ettrick. The complainant reported an inoperable 1999 Daewoo was taken without the owner’s permission.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 9/08 Ettrick. Virginia Best Mart. Suspects entered the closed business through an unlocked door in an attempt to assault an employee who was working inside.

MEADOWDALE BL 9/09 Regency Lake Apartments. The victim was preparing to leave her apartment and had opened the door when she discovered the known suspect outside. The suspect then forced his way inside the apartment through the open door. The suspect then assaulted both of the victims.

SPRUCE AVE 9/08 The residence was entered, possibly using a hidden key, and miscellaneous property was stolen.

BRIDGESIDE CT 9/08 Stonebridge. Four unlocked vehicles were entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

IRON BRIDGE RD 9/03 The victim reported miscellaneous property stolen from his vehicle.

LUCY CORR CR 9/09 Health & Social Services. A locked 1998 Ford Windstar was entered and property was reported stolen. No signs of forced entry were noted.

WILLIS RD 9/09 Bellwood Manor. A locked, white Ford Mustang was entered and property was reported stolen. No signs of forced entry were noted.

QUINNFORD BL 9/07 Bellwood Heights. Two unlocked vehicles were entered. One victim reported miscellaneous property was stolen.

HUBAND AVE 9/08 Grindall Creek Park. A 2001 Polaris Sportsman 500 was reported stolen from the victim’s back yard.


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