Birds of a feather

When the school year began, Elizabeth Davis Middle School’s teachers were ready to welcome their peers from Chester Middle School with a simple message: Birds of a feather flock together.

Many students and teachers from Chester Middle, the home of the Eagles, transferred to Elizabeth Davis Middle this fall after Chester Middle was closed so the building could house Thomas Dale High School’s ninth grade. School officials have said the move was necessary to alleviate overcrowding at Thomas Dale High.

A faculty T-shirt was designed by sixth grade math teacher Laurie Luke, librarian Pamela Masters said. Luke said the shirt was inspired by a bulletin board decorated by sixth grade science teacher Dawn Boyd.

“It’s about bringing everyone together,” Luke said. “We have a really close staff here at Davis,” and she’d heard from several former Chester Middle teachers that “when the Chester people came in, they felt so welcome.” She’d heard the bulletin board had brought a few teachers to tears, she said.

About 400 Chester Middle students have joined the student body at Elizabeth Davis Middle, Masters said, bringing the number of students in the school to about 1,200. Things have gone well from the first week of school, Boyd said.

“It’s going great,” Masters said. “Everyone is working very hard together.”


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