Police Blotter : February 24, 2010

GRIST MILL DR 2/14 Meadowbrook Apartments. The victim returned home to find the front door unlocked and property missing from inside. The victim had previously locked the residence when she left earlier in the day.

WINDINGRUN LN 2/11 Huntingcreek Hills. Known suspects entered the residence through an unlocked door and assaulted the occupants of the residence.

COVE DR 2/12 Harbour East Village. A suspect forced entry to the residence through the front door. It is possible that the victim’s dog scared off the suspect.

IRON BRIDGE RD 2/14 Kentucky Fried Chicken. Unknown suspect/s pried open the drive thru window in order to enter the building. Once inside, suspect/s tried to enter the safe, but were unsuccessful. Nothing appeared to be missing from inside the restaurant.

WOODPECKER RD 2/12 Food Lion. Unknown suspect/s entered the underground access area and stole the sump pump, causing the water to back up.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 2/14 Shady Hill Trailer Park. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

WOODS EDGE RD 2/15 Marguerite Christian School. An unknown suspect called the school and told the victim there was a bomb in the school. Nothing suspicious was found when a check of the school was completed.

WALMSLEY BL 2/15 The rear door was kicked open in order to gain entry, but nothing appeared to be missing from the vacant residence.

E HUNDRED RD 2/15 Suspect/s forced entry to the business through the rear door. Suspect/s disturbed several areas inside the business, but nothing appeared to be missing.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 2/15 Virginia Auto Sales. An independent dealer tag was stolen from a vehicle.

ROANE ST 2/16 Riverview Park. A residence was entered through a basement window and property was stolen from inside.

HILLER DR 2/16 Greenleigh Mobile Homes. Two residential sheds were entered and property was stolen from one of them. The locks were cut from both sheds.

COXENDALE RD 2/16 AMEC Power Company. Unknown suspects entered through an unlocked gate, then used a cutting tool to cut the locks off three metal construction trailers and one wooden shed. No items were taken from these buildings. A tool box had its lock cut off and property removed from it. The suspect/s also tampered with heavy equipment on the site.

BEVERLEY ST 2/16 Riverview Park. Suspects admitted to entering several unlocked vehicles and taking property.

CENTRAL AVE 2/16 The victim reported property stolen from his silver 2006 Honda Accord.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 2/16 Haley Ford. A tailgate was reported stolen from a Ford F-450.

W HUNDRED RD 2/16 Sterling Pay Phones LLC. A Florida license plate was reported stolen from the complainant’s white 2008 Chevrolet Colorado.

ENON CHURCH RD 2/16 The victim awoke to find his truck with attached trailer stuck in the ditch across the street from his home. He said he had left the truck, unlocked with the keys in the ashtray, parked in his driveway the night before. Items were removed from his wallet, which he had also left inside the vehicle.

HARROWGATE RD 2/17 Miscellaneous property was removed from the victim’s unlocked garage.

MEADOWDALE BL 2/17 Regency Lake Apartments. A residence was entered by shattering the rear sliding glass door and property was removed.

HUDSON ST 2/17 Riverview Park. Suspects accessed the crawlspace to enter the unfinished basement of the residence. Once inside, suspects rummaged through items, vandalized the interior and took miscellaneous property.

HOPKINS RD 2/17 Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

LIVERPOOL CR 2/18 Rivers Bend Apartments. A GPS was reported stolen from a locked 1998 Toyota Corolla.

DULWICH DR 2/18 The victim reported that his locked 1999 Ford Explorer was entered and property stolen.

FLINTLOCK DR 2/17 A license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s 1997 Ford Ranchero.

BEACHMERE TR 2/18 Stoney Glen South. Unknown suspect/s removed property from a house under construction.

S BEULAH RD 2/18 Regency Lake Apartments. Property was stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

LAKE HILLS RD 2/18 The victim reported his unlocked vehicle was entered and property was stolen.

OAK RIVER CT 2/18 An iPod was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked2000 GMC SUV.

HUDSON ST 2/17 Riverview Park. An unlocked gray 2001 Mazda was entered and property was reported stolen.

MASON DALE CT 2/19 License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s white 2006 Dodge Caravan.

ARBOR LAKE DR 2/18 Arbor Lake Apartments. Two vehicles, one of which was unlocked, were entered and property was reported stolen.

LIVERPOOL CR 2/19 Rivers Bend Apartments. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s 2007 Chevrolet, which was parked at the victim’s residence.

MEADOWDALE BL 2/19 Regency Lake Apartments. The victim reported her unlocked and running black 2002 Chevrolet Malibu stolen.

HARVETTE DR 2/18 Fuqua Farms. Victims were standing outside the residence when several unknown suspects approached them and demanded their valuables at gunpoint. One of the victims tried to get out of a vehicle and was struck by one of the suspects. The suspects then fled the area in a vehicle.

SLOAN CT 2/18 Falling Creek Apartments. The victim exited his vehicle and was physically assaulted by multiple unknown suspects who took items from him.


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