Waste management company thriving in local economy

The entrepreneurial spirit is still alive in Chester, even in the midst of a recessive economy. Four local “buddies” came together about two years ago to form Container First Services (CFS), a waste removal company. The four have been hard at it ever since, ensuring a quality service at a fair price.

“Our service is the number one thing on our minds, and it’s the best in the area,” said CFS President and CEO Rob Guidry.

Recently, the company was named in WasteAge, a prestigious industry magazine, as one of the top 100 waste removal companies in the nation. CFS prides itself on its image.

The company keeps its equipment clean and its work environment safe.

“If we have the best trucks, the best drivers, the best employees, we’ll continue to be successful,” said Guidry. “Image is very important. That’s what we built this company on.”

CFS is about as local a company as they come. The managing crew is comprised of Rob Guidry (CEO), Timothy Webb (COO), Allan G. Moore, Jr. (VP of Logistics) and Jeff Kraus (VP of Administration), all local men who bring over 45 years of experience to the table.

Over the last two years, the four have grown their company into a formidable force in the region for waste removal. Though the market became more competitive during the economic decline, CFS grew 25 percent.

“Our business stays constant,” said Guidry. “Outside of public safety, [waste removal] is the number two thing on everyone’s mind.”

CFS has also purchased and cleaned up the Petersburg landfill.

“The community loves us because of what we’ve done to the landfill,” said Kraus. “We’ve extended the life of it by 20 years.”

CFS’ services include commercial containers, recycling and commercial and industrial disposal service. They are able to serve the entire Tri-Cities area because of their prime location.

“Chester is setup in a prime location for us,” said Guidry. “We’re able to serve Chester, Hopewell, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie and Prince George.”

Their staff of experts is equipped to ensure environment compliances on the local, state and federal levels. It is one of their main focuses and “no dollar value can be placed on environmental compliance.”

CFS also focuses a great deal of energy on community service. They sponsor charity organizations and donate to the Mathew Gwaltney Memorial Scholarship Fund. They donate their services to the University of Richmond and Virginia Tech’s football and basketball games.

“We’re very excited over where we’re at and what we’ve been able to do,” said Webb. “We’re trying to create a good atmosphere and have fun at work.”

Container First Services in located at 13140 Parkers Battery Road in Chester and online at www.containerfirst.com.


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