Good, old-fashioned fun

The sounds of happy and excited children were heard all over the Village Green Saturday night at the first annual Halloween on the Green. Halloween on the Green started out as a small idea to bring families together for a safe and happy Halloween and turned out to be much larger than anyone anticipated. The night could not have been more perfect (Unless there happened to be a candy factory next door!).

Ghosts, goblins, princesses and plenty of superheroes were out and about, ready to trick or treat. Those who participated in the trunk decorating contest were busy setting up everything from pirate ships to superhero cities. The smell of hot chocolate and hot dogs filled the air as the streetlights provided just enough of an eerie glow to make it seem spooky. The air was chilly, but kids kept warm by making the rounds trunk or treating and jumping in the super cool inflatable provided by Spacewalk of Chester.

As the evening progressed and more and more people turned out, there was only one problem: Candy shortage. Unfortunately, there was no way to know how many people would attend, so candy estimates were a little under par, but there were folks who kindly made Walgreens runs to stock up on more sugary goodness for the little ones. And while many of them didn’t have bags loaded down with cavity-producing paraphernalia, everyone went away with something, even if it was just a good time.

As the night progressed and the crowd grew, there was a wonderful sense of community among the spooky gathering. Everywhere you looked, people were smiling, even while waiting in the Spacewalk line (The inflatable sure gave the candy a run for its money in popularity!). More events like this need to take place and give this Village back it’s sense of well being, of kindness and of kinship. Halloween on the Green tapped into a need for good and simple fun for families and the number of those that came out to support it showed how many just want to go back to good, old-fashioned fun.

Everyone start preparing now for next Halloween. Get your ideas together for your trunk decorations and costumes, and, by all means, start buying candy now, because if it’s anything like this year, you will need it! Before you know it, the time will have come again and, with the success of this year (and it being the first), next year can only be bigger and better! Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween and thank you for supporting Halloween on the Green!


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