Police blotter

RIVERS BEND CR 10/21 Rivers Bend. The victim returned home to discover a back door open and a window screen cut on the back porch. Suspect/s entered the residence and rummaged through the interior, taking items from inside.

COGBILL RD 10/20 Unknown suspects cut and removed ground wire from multiple locations around the service building and from two locations on the cell tower.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 10/21 Ettrick. Unknown suspect/s broke the windows out of multiple vehicles in parking lots near the address and stole items from inside of the vehicles.

COUGAR TL 10/21 Carver Middle School. Suspects admitted to taking items out of vehicles at the location. Some of the items were recovered at the scene.

TERJO LN 10/21 Terjo Village. The victim reported property stolen from his vehicle.

ROLAND VIEW DR 10/20 Mill Creek. The victim reported the front license plate stolen from her Hyundai Santa Fe.

MEADOWDALE BL 10/15 Ampthill Post Office. The victim was walking down the road when two unknown suspects approached him, armed with a gun. The victim handed over his wallet and the suspects fled the area.

SALEM OAKS DR 10/22 Salem Oaks. Entry to the residence was forced through a rear Florida room door, where damage was found. Property was stolen.

CLIFFSIDE DR 10/20 Harbour East Village. The residence was entered and items were taken from inside. No signs of forced entry were found.

VERDICT COURT 10/22 Courthouse Green Apartments. Entry was forced to a residence through the front door and items were stolen from inside.

BRADLEY BRIDGE RD 10/22 The residence was entered and the interior was rummaged through. Items were taken from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/23 Chimney Corner Motel & Park. Unknown suspects forced the front door of the apartment open. Once inside, the suspects stole items.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/23 Clayton Homes. Maintenance sheds were entered at the location and items were taken.

HALLOWAY AVE 10/22 Suspect/s pried the lock from the church’s shed door. Nothing appeared to be missing.

HYDE PARK DR 10/22 Hyde Park Apartments. The victim reported unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the residence through the front door, where pry marks were found.

HIDDEN VALLEY RD 10/22 Hidden Valley Estates. Forcible entry to the residence was attempted through a rear door, where damage was found.

CENTRALIA RD 10/08 Two HVAC units were stolen from outside the vacant rental property.

CELANCO CT 10/16 Searcy. An HVAC unit was stolen from outside the residence.

ROANE ST 10/21 Riverview Park. Several unlocked vehicles were entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

WINFREE AVE 10/22 Gill Farms. An unlocked, 1998 Chevrolet Blazer was entered and property was reported stolen.

DEODORA DR 10/21 Gilritchie. An unlocked maroon 1996 Volvo was entered and, at this time, nothing was reported stolen.

OSBORNE RD 10/22 Mid Cities Plaza Shopping Center. A locked, white 1995 GMC was entered and property was reported stolen.

REDWATER CREEK RD 10/23 Fairfield Inn. The complainant reported miscellaneous property stolen from the open bed of her son’s pickup truck.

MEADOWDALE BL 10/22 Regency Lake Apartments. A locked, red 1992 Toyota SR5 was entered and property was reported stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/23 Falling Creek Apartments. The victim reported the rear license plate stolen from her 1997 Oldsmobile.

LITTLE CREEK LN 10/23 A gray, 1994 Toyota Corolla was stolen.

GALA CT 10/24 Greenleigh Mobile Homes. The victim reported his black Kia SUV stolen.

WARRIOR DR 10/22 Matoaca Manor. The victim reported her unlocked and running maroon 2009 Toyota Avalon was stolen from her driveway.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 10/23 The victim reported her white, 2002 Dodge Intrepid stolen.

GOOLSBY CT 10/22 Heritage Court Apartments. The victim was alone walking along the path in a wooded area near the location. As he neared the dumpster, he encountered the suspects. One of the suspects put an object (covered by the suspect’s T-shirt) against the victim’s chest and demanded his property. As the victim turned the items over to the suspects, the suspects allowed the victim to leave and walked off.

KINGSTON AVE 10/24 Amerisuites Hotel. During a lengthy altercation between the suspect and the victim, the suspect assaulted the victim and attempted to take her purse.

CRICKLEWOOD DR 10/25 South Pointe Landing Apartments. Armed suspects forced the victim into a vehicle, drove him to another site within the complex and threatened to harm him and his family unless he paid them money they felt was owed to them.

DURRETTE DR 10/26 Fuqua Farms. An unlocked vehicle was entered and miscellaneous property was taken.

BEECHWOOD AVE 10/23 The victim’s green, 1966 Ford truck was reported taken.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/25 The victims maroon, 1991 Ford pickup was taken from the residence.

BELLWOOD RD 10/25 Bellwood Farms. The victim said an unknown suspect tampered with her drink while she was away from her desk.

SALEM CHURCH RD 10/25 Salem Church Middle School. Unknown suspect/s used the exterior counter to gain leverage onto the top of the concession stand. The suspect/s then pried open the roof hatch and gained entry, taking property from inside.

TIMSBURY POINTE CT 10/26 The victim arrived home to discover a rear door on the residence open. There was also damage to a window on the victim’s vehicle where suspect/s attempted to enter it as well.

BRYNMORE DR 10/25 HVAC units were stolen from outside the vacant residence.

CASTLEWOOD RD 10/26 The property was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

IRON BRIDGE RD 10/18 Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the victim’s maroon, 1996 Hyundai Elantra.

SAND HILLS DR 10/26 Craddock Point. Three vehicles were entered and property was reported stolen.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 10/26 Suspect/s assaulted the victim and demanded his money. During the assault, a vehicle drove by, interrupting the assault. Suspects walked away. Responding officers located the suspects shortly thereafter.

AUTUMNLEAF DR 10/27 Hilmar. Suspect/s attempted to enter the residence through the front door, where damage was found.

STONEWOODMANOR DR 10/27 Stonewood Manor. The residence was entered through the rear door, which was found open and damaged. Nothing appeared to be missing from inside the residence at the time of the report.

WOODPECKER RD 10/24 HVAC unit stolen from outside residence.

W HUDRED RD 10/28 Thomas Dale High School. Fire discovered in one of the girls’ bathroom.

CAMBERWELL RD 10/28 South Pointe Landing Apartments. The victim returned home to discover her front door unlocked and property missing from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/27 Property was stolen from the victim’s residence. Entry was gained through an unsecured door.


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