Therapy center still growing, still caring

The painting of a shining sun on the horizon with the inscription “I Can” hanging over the entry to the rehabilitation room at Chester Physical Therapy emphasizes the care received from its therapists and the response from their patients.  Local artist Danny Cribb gave the wood block painting to Richard Muth,  owner of the rehabilitation center, during his treatment for a knee surgery a couple of years ago.  

For Cribb, the pain from the therapy was worse than the injury, but, through treatment and encouragement from the staff at Chester Physical Therapy, he made it and gave the gift as a thank you.

Muth, owner of Chester Physical Therapy, located in Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center, has received numerous expressions of thanks over the years and proudly posts them on a bulletin board in the waiting room.  His goal is to always make the therapy process as enjoyable as possible, mostly through humor and treating them like family.

With 25 years of experience, Muth opened his own practice after the closing of HealthSouth nearly five years ago.  Moving only a couple of miles from his base, Muth kept his hospital contacts, referrals and recommendations, which became a base for growth.

Entering his fifth year, Muth has just completed an expansion into addition space in the center, adding an additional 1,000 square feet.  The expansion added a modern registration and reception area.  “It is much nicer,” he said.  “Patients are able to register in private.  It also makes it much easier for patients to be seen right away.”  The expansion also allowed for an additional examination room.

Muth said patients are in treatment for only two to three times a week for about a month, depending on the nature of the injury and severity of the condition.  While there, the success of getting patients back to work, back on their feet and even entering in long-distance races is their main goal.

Muth has gained much experience over the years to ensure that his patients receive the most painless and effective physical therapy possible, but adds that the surgical techniques are much more advanced today “This allows patients to begin physical therapy much sooner, allowing the rehabilitation progress to be much faster with less discomfort,” he said.
In the early days of his career, he would not see patients until four or six weeks after surgery.  “Today, it is not uncommon that some orthopedics will refer patients 48 to 72 hours after surgery,” he said.

Muth said he still has passion and loves his work.  “They can tell,” he said of his patients.  “Even after doing this 25 years, they can tell I still love what I am doing and have passion for my work and really care about them as a person and a patient.

Muth’s staff includes Brandy Price, office manager; Lou Mazakas, a physical therapist who specializes in knees and shoulders; Angela Brooks, a physical therapist specializing in the foot and spine; Tracy Neice, physical therapist assistant and Murat Mazicioglu, physical therapy aid/personal trainer.  Behind the scenes are Marie Thomas, Melissa Lutterloah, Faye Walker and Kristal Syacruse.

Muth said patients like the convenient location of the center and many who have been in for treatment have referred their family and friends going in for surgery to the center.  “We have earned a good reputation over the years,” said Muth.  “People who have to go for therapy two to three times a week need to have a center that is close to home and a staff that they can trust.”

Chester Physical Therapy is conveniently located with easy access to the front door.  Just five minutes from Route 288, right off Ironbridge Road, patients can be at their therapists within 15 minutes.

Chester Phyical Therapy is located at 6433 Chesterfield Meadows Drive.  For more information, call 804-706-1803 or visit


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