Bellwood donates 2,300 items of food

This year, Bellwood Elementary School participated in a food drive to help benefit families of Chesterfield and Colonial Heights through the Christmas Mother Program.  The Student Council Association organized and promoted a food drive that proved to be very successful.  In three days, the students of Bellwood Elementary School brought in over 2,300 food items.   When it came time for the food pick up, the driver was blown away by how much food had been collected.  The entire truck was filled.

Students were encouraged to bring in items high in protein and kid-friendly.  For instance, kids were given “double points” for jars of peanut butter.  Teachers used the food collected to teach lessons on sorting and graphing by using the different types of food collected.  Also motivating the students  to participate was the promise of a January pizza party provided by Pizza Express of Chester to the homeroom that brought in the most items.

Maureen Capel’s kindergarten class edged her competition and won by bringing in 256 canned goods.

“To hear a kindergartener say that, ‘It doesn’t really matter if you win the pizza party, because we aren’t doing this for a pizza party, we’re doing this so that everyone can have a full tummy,’  is what this (the food drive)  is all about” said Jennifer Rudd, assistant principal.  It was truly a great learning experience for the students.  Staff members were touched by the generosity of the students.


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