Police blotter

MEADOWDALE BL 12/18 Regency Lake Apartments. The victim was asked to leave the residence by a female at the apartment. He refused and got into a physical confrontation with the female. When other unidentified males at the apartment saw the victim fighting the female, they jumped in and fought with the victim. The victim made his way out of the apartment and left in his vehicle. It was later discovered the victim had a wound to his neck.

SANCHEZ RD 12/18 Land o’ Pines. Unknown suspect/s shattered the rear sliding glass door of the victim’s residence in order to enter. Suspect/s then kicked in the victim’s bedroom door, which is also kept locked. Items were stolen.

ROLLING BROOK RD 12/17 Fan Court. Entry was gained by prying through a side door under the carport. Miscellaneous items were taken.

DALEBROOK DR 12/18 The residence was entered by breaking out the glass to a rear window. Property was taken.

ROLAND VIEW TR 12/19 Millcreek. Entry to the victim’s residence was attempted by prying the rear screen door off and throwing it in the back yard. It also appeared that a rock may have been used to break the window in a bedroom. Nothing was disturbed inside the residence.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/18 Shady Hill Trailer Park. A possible attempt to enter a storage shed was made. The lock on the shed was sprung and it could have occurred because of the cold weather. Nothing was taken from the shed.

HALLOWAY AVE 12/18 A locked, maroon 2000 Chrysler Town and Country was entered and, at this time, nothing was reported stolen. No signs of forced entry were noted.

COXENDALE RD 12/19 A locked, blue 2005 PT Cruiser was entered and property was reported stolen.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/18 Meadowdale Townhouses. A locked, green 1998 Buick was entered and miscellaneous property was removed.

IRON BRIDGE RD 12/18 A 1998 Pontiac Grand Am was reported stolen.

HOPKINS RD 12/17 A red Honda dirt bike was reported stolen from the victim’s residence.

ALFALFA LN 12/19 Bellwood Maisonette Apartments. The victim reported his Qingqi Happy 50 scooter stolen from the front of his residence.

TIMSBURY POINTE DR 12/19 The complainant discovered appliances stolen from the house, which is under construction.

MARINA DR 12/17 Falling Creek Apartments. The front door of the vacant apartment was kicked in and the interior was vandalized.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 12/21 Ettrick Market. Suspect/s smashed the front door of the business with a brick. Cigarettes were stolen from behind the counter.

RIVER HAVEN AVE 12/17 Rivermont Apartments. Unknown suspect/s entered the construction trailer through a side window and took tools from a work bench and the floor.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/20 Property was reported stolen from the victim’s 1999 Honda Accord.

LUDGATE PL 12/19 Summit Point. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked 1992 Chevrolet, which was parked in his driveway.

HARROW DR 10/01 Windsor Hills. A truck was stolen.

PHOBUS DR 12/21 Kings Forest. The victim reported that entry was gained through an unlocked rear kitchen window and items were stolen from inside.

RAMONA AVE 12/19 Bellmeade. Suspect/s entered the vacant residence through an unlocked door and removed miscellaneous items from inside.

BRANDERS BRIDGE RD 12/14 Unknown suspect/s forced their way through a fence on the property to get to an area that housed scrap metal and car parts. Suspect/s broke the lock off a shed as well, but it was unknown whether entry was gained. Items were taken from the wooded area behind the residence.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/24 Happy Hill Shopping Center. The victim was cut off in traffic as he entered the parking lot and responded by “flipping” off the suspect vehicle. After buying cigarettes inside the store, he was confronted in the bathroom by the suspect. The suspect assaulted him and took the victim’s baseball cap. The cap was later recovered a short distance away.

FALLOW DR 12/22 Deerfield Estates. Glass in a rear door was broken out, allowing entry to the interior. The residence was rummaged through, with items removed.

OMO RD 12/24 Kings Forest. The rear door to the residence was kicked in. The residence was rummaged through, but no items were determined to be missing.

BEAUMONT AVE 12/24 Central Park. A known suspect forced entry to the victim’s shed and removed miscellaneous property. Officers responded to the suspect’s residence and recovered the stolen items.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 12/25 The rear door of the residence was forced open, damaging the frame. The entire residence was rummaged through and items were taken from a bedroom.

MARTINGALE RD 12/25 Colonial Ridge Apartments. The suspect entered the victim’s apartment by forcing open a ground floor window. The apartment was rummaged through. No items were found to be missing.

MASON DALE TR 12/17 Mason Woods. Unknown suspect/s broke out the glass pane in the rear sliding glass door to access the interior. Once inside, suspect/s rummaged through the house, taking miscellaneous items.

COSMIC RD 12/25 Regency Lake Apartments. The rear door to the residence was pried open. Property was removed.

GATESGREEN DR 12/23 Courthouse Green. Entry to the residence was gained by knocking out glass to a side rear window, unlocking the window and raising it. Miscellaneous property was taken.

CHESTER FOREST LN 12/04 Treemont. The shed was pried open and property was taken.

MEADOWVILLE RD 12/20 Property was stolen from a construction site.

CALDWELL AVE 12/21 Grindall Creek Park. The victim’s unlocked green Dodge Neon was entered and miscellaneous property was stolen.

MILL RACE CR 12/26 Shady Creek. The victim saw an unknown suspect inside his unlocked, black Nissan truck. At this time, nothing was reported stolen.

HAMPTON AVE 12/22 Beechnut Acres. The victim reported property stolen from her vehicle.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/22 Regency Lake Apartments. Unknown suspect/s removed the month and year portion of the victim’s inspection sticker from her red 1993 Geo.

CHESTER RD 12/21 The complainant reported property stolen from her wrecker.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/25 Walgreens. A purse was removed from an unattended shopping cart.

WHITEPINE RD 12/23 Chesterfield Industrial Park. A Ford pickup was reported stolen from in front of the victim’s business.

RAMONA AVE 12/23 Bellmeade. An unlocked, gold 2005 Ford Taurus was reported stolen. Property was reported stolen. A Chevrolet Malibu was also entered.

MARINA DR 12/24 Falling Creek Apartments. Property was removed from an unlocked residence.

MATOACA RD 12/27 The rear door was forced open, cracking the frame. Items were removed.

TIMSBERRY CR 12/23 Broadwater Townhouses. Forcible entry to the residence was attempted at the rear door. No entry was gained because the rear door was locked on the inside.

BRANDERS BRIDGE RD 12/27 Items were stolen from the victim’s property.

UPTON RD 12/24 Reedy Branch. The glass was broken out of the rear door to a house under construction. A 2x4 board, believed to have been used to break the glass, was found inside.

S JESSUP LP 12/25 Fairpines. Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the rear of the victim’s truck.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/27 Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked 1994 Chevrolet pickup.

PERLOCK RD 12/27 Quail Oaks. The victim reported his unlocked, white 1999 GMC van stolen from his driveway.

E RIVER RD 12/29 Ettrick. Two locked vehicles were entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.


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