THIS WEEK IN HISTORY JANUARY 12 - CEA makes plea for wage increase 1980

This week, 30 years ago, teachers addressed the School Board pleading that their salaries at least keep up with inflation, which in 1980 was a staggering 14 percent. At the time, a starting teacher in Chesterfield County was paid $10,000 annually, and a seasoned educator earned $16,500. Chesterfield Education Association President Alan Loeffler, a teacher at Enon Elementary School, said the salary scale was designed for women and was low because it was thought of as simply a supplement to a husband’s salary.

The Chesterfield News-Journal reported that the proposed increase would cost the county about $4 million. School Board Vice Chairman G.R. Partin said, “Ours is not the policy to work you to death or starve you to death … our is also not the policy to wreck Chesterfield’s financial arrangements … our policy is to work out something somewhere between those two extremes.”


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