Lion’s collect glasses

Stephen Smith, president of the Chester Lions Club, and Ellie Holden, manager of Kroger at Breckenridge Shopping Center, stand next to the eyeglass and hearing aid collection box recently moved to the front of the Kroger store. Another collection box is located on Centre Street in front of Wells Realty.

Glasses collected by the Chester Lions club are sent to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center of Eastern Virginia located in Newport News, Va., where volunteers prepare the glasses for distribution, ship large quantities of prepared glasses to humanitarian distribution teams and supply Lions permanent clinics with an inventory of prepared glasses. Eyeglasses have been shipped to Honduras, Guyana, Peru, Ukraine, Guatemala, Brazil, Thailand, Romania, Haiti, Brazil, Nicaragua, Malawi, Dominican Republic, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Israel, the Republic of Congo and Ecuador. The center has also sent glasses to the Republic of Sri Lanka and Mexico for use in their permanent distribution centers.  

Anyone interested in learning more about the Chester Lions Club can contact Smith at 530-1372.


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