Cla Meredith speaks at Meadowbrook

Major League baseball player Cla Meredith visited Meadowbrook High School last Tuesday, speaking in the lecture hall to roughly 50 of the school’s male student-athletes. A free-agent for most of the winter, Meredith signed the next day with the Washington Nationals. The team has invited him to spring training, which will be starting in the next few weeks.

Meredith’s informal speech lasted just under an hour, but began with him explaining his purpose for visiting his alma mater.

“This is where you live, this is where you’re taught, this is where you’re going to evolve; this is your home guys,” he said early in the speech, “but the bottom line is, this is Meadowbrook, this is your home, this is my home – that’s why I’m here.

Along with looking to evoke a sense of pride in the young Monarchs, Meredith went on to discuss the importance of life choices during the high school years, saying: “What you do in the four years you’re here is going to forever have an impact on what’s going to happen to you in the future.”

In closing, Meredith touched on the topic of “honor” – something he felt, he said, when he attended Meadowbrook 10 years ago.

Meadowbrook’s varsity baseball coach, Drew Walker, felt Meredith’s message “hit home with the guys” and was well-received by the students.

“Cla showed them how proud he was of his Meadowbrook roots, and how grateful he was that today’s student-athletes work as hard as they do,” said Walker. “He was real with them and very supportive – that means a ton to our kids.”


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