Dentistry from the heart

On Friday, 215 members from our community received free dental care at the fifth annual Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) event, as Dr. Tony Agapis and his experienced team of professionals provided people without regular care with cleanings, fillings and extractions at his office in Chester.

“It all comes down to wanting to provide something greater to my community,” said Midlothian resident Dr. Tony Agapis in a press release. Agapis has practiced dentistry in Chester for 30 years. “The services provided by Dentistry From The Heart helps more than just a patient’s teeth, it gives them a renewed reason to smile.”

Patients gathered outside the office doors at midnight and treatment began at 6 a.m., then ended at 5 p.m., said Dr. Agapis; and despite the steady flow of patients throughout the day, the event was a success due to help from the team’s 60 volunteering dental professionals – dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants from around the state.

“All of our team members were thankful to help someone who had been waiting for hours in uncomfortable weather, but our patients expressed nothing but thanks and appreciation,” said Dr. Agapis.

He added about the patients receiving service that day: “…There were many repeat patients we see year after year. We did not screen anyone for their ability to pay as is the spirit of all DFTH events across the country.”

There are over 200 annual events sponsored by Dentistry From The Heart – a non-profit organization, and in the last nine years have generated more than $8 million in free dentistry to more than 45,000 patients across the country.

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