Police blotter

DERMOTTE CT.  3/25. Kendale Acres.  Suspect gained entry through locked front door.  Property was removed.

DRAYTON LANDING. 3/26.  Arbor Landing.  Unkonwn suspect/s entered the victims’ residence and removed property.

MYRON AVE.  3/12. Bellwood Addition.  Listed property was reported stolen from victim’s locked shed.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

NEWBYS BRIDGE. 3/24. Childrend’s House Day Care.  Property was reported stolen from day care center.

HOPKINS RD. 3/24. Firestone.  Tires were reported stolen from Hopkins Rd. Firestone location.

DALEBROOK DR.  3/18.  Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter victim’s locked silver 2009 Kia.  Entry was not gained and at the time nothing was reported stolen.

MARINA DR.  3/25. Falling Creek Apts.  Locked black 1998 Toyota Corolla was entered and listed property stolen.

IRONBRIDGE PZ.  3/26. Ironbridge Plaza.  Victim reported her purse was stolen from her shopping cart.

BURNT OAK DR.  3/25. Ivywalk Apartments.  Victim report her green Toyota Camry stolen.

CHESTER RD.  3/21.  Unknown suspect/s removed the internal working parts of six HVAC united located behind the building.

OSBORNE RD.  3/27.  Front tag taken from victim’s gray Geo Prism.

HOPKINS RD.  3/28.  County of Chesterfield.  Victim was inside the listed location using his iPod when the suspects approached him.  When one asked to use the iPod, the victim handed over the iPod to the subject, who used it and then put it into his pocket.  The suspects walked out, followed by the victim and his friends.  Suspects then ran off, chased by the victim and his friends.  The victim caught up with the suspects a few streets over.  At that time, one of the suspects brandished a firearm.  All the suspects then ran off.  Responding officers located the suspect who brandished the firearm, taking him into custody.

OLD HOPKINS RD.  3/28.  Suspect/s removed several scrap items from outside of victim’s residence.

SOUTH ST.  3/28.  Suspect/s entered multiple unlocked vehicles in the vicinity of the listed address and removed property from them.

TELBURY ST.  3/30. Rayon Park.  Listed suspect entered victim’s unlocked residence and attempted to steal the victim’s listed property.

VERDICT CT.  3/30. Courthouse Green Apts.  Unknown suspect/s attempted to gain entry to the victim’s residence by prying open the rear sliding glass door.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing was reported stolen.

CENTRALIA RD. 3/31. Suspects attempted to enter the business through the locked front door and far right window.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing was reported stolen.

COSMIC RD.  3/31. Regency Lake Apartments.  Witness observed the listed suspects removing the victim’s listed property from his locked 1995 Honda Accord.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY.  3/30. Happy Hill Shopping Center.  Victim stated he was assaulted and robbed by the described suspect at the listed location.

SALEM CHURCH RD.      3/31.  Suspect’s entered crawl space under the vacant residence and removed copper pipes.

MEADOWWOOD LN.  3/31. Carter’s Run.  Bradley Mechanical.  Several unlocked vehicles were entered and the listed property stolen.

RIVER RD.  3/31. Ettrick.  Locked 1994 Ford entered and the listed property was stolen.

MARINA DR.  3/28. Falling Creek Apts.  Listed property was reported stolen from victim’s locked vehicle.


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