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Most gyms have rules posted somewhere in the facility.  Can you just review some basic gym etiquette?

Putting a bunch of sweaty, grunting, body pumpers together in one small space calls for some serious rules.  Although most gyms do post their policies, there are many unspoken rules about how to conduct yourself in a fitness facility.  Here are the basics:  

Be Nice – Share the equipment.  When practical, let others use your machine during rest times.  

Be Quick – Be reasonable about your time on equipment, especially if all machines are full.  

Be Tidy – Clean up after yourself.  Wipe away your sweat and germs and put away weights.

Be Quiet – Keep the volume down while chatting, and avoid using your cell phone when possible.  Keep grunts to a minimum.

Be Modest – Cover up in the locker room.  Keep it comfortable for everyone.

Be Safe – Make sure you know how to use the equipment properly.  Never swing or throw weights.  Always use self control.

Overall, be considerate of others in the gym.  Don’t repeat the things that annoy you, and make sure you notify a staff member if someone’s behavior is a major problem.  Once everyone knows the unspoken rules, the gym is a fun, friendly place!

Anthony G. Barnes is the club owner at Anytime Fitness in Chester and holds a degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science.  To submit a question for future articles, please contact the author at


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