Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, a day of flowers and brunches, packing up the car and driving from one grandmother’s house to the other’s; making sure to pack extra clothes in the diaper bag along with the homemade cards full of glitter that manage to stick to every imaginable surface, including your hair (making your co-workers wonder how you decided to celebrate.) It is a tough day to say the least.  Before I actually became a mother I always tried to make it a day of rest for my own mother.  I would make her breakfast in bed when I was old enough and wrap little presents for her (even though they were usually things she already owned, such as her makeup).  My brother and I would always try and be on our best behavior and not “act ridiculous” as she so loved to describe our antics on this most special of days.  We tried to make it as peaceful and loving a day as possible for the one who made it possible for us to exist on this Earth, our Mother.

Now that I am a Mother to two very darling children I have to say that I have not yet experienced this day of peace and rest.  No, no, no, we have to travel to those other two mother’s houses, the Grandmothers.  So I guess this is really called Grandmother’s Day because according to them I have no significance whatsoever.  The one year I put my foot down they both still traveled up to Chester and it was still a production (brunch, flowers, etc.) and not restful.  I would really love to have one Mother’s Day where I got to spend the entire day with my children and my husband ALONE.  To be treated like a Queen (not that I am not daily) and to be adored and loved on Mother’s day by my children and to not have to share them with their Grandmothers.  Now I know that many of you Grandmothers out there probably are horrified right now by what I’m saying.  You are probably thinking what a terribly selfish twit I am, but I have shared all five of my Mother’s Days with other people.  It’s just getting old.

I understand our mother’s wanting to see us on Mother’s Day, but they have seen us for the last 30 plus years, it’s our turn now.  It’s not like they live far away and we don’t see them that often, we see them at least once a month!  I’m just asking for them to settle for the weekend before or even the Saturday before, does it have to be the exact day?  It’s really hard on us because our mothers live pretty close to each other and when we drive down to Tidewater to see one, we have to drive over to see the other, an all day trip with the two darlings being carted around does not usually equal a happy family.

So this year I just want to celebrate being a mother the best way I know how, and that is by surrounding myself with the three people I love most in this world.  The two munchkins and my loving hubby; we will get up and make our Sunday morning biscuits, go to our service at Chester Baptist Church and come home and play outside all day if we want to.  Being a mother is the most wonderful thing in this world and loving those two delightful children and getting to be their Mommy makes me the happiest person on this planet.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Chester Mommies!


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