New style of Italian eatery

Two young Italian restaurateurs who are good friends and successful entrepreneurs in the restaurant business wanted to combine their favorite recipes and offer them for a reasonable price within a new eatery.  This new concept, which is a cafeteria-style eatery for Italian food, named Soprano’s Italian Bistro, opened in January in the former Five Guys & Fries location in the courtyard of the Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center.

“It’s not your tradition restaurant,” said Claudio Alzemeo, partner.  “We offer quality in our products, a diversified selection that is consistent to the love and dedication we have for food.  It is between a fast-food and a dine-in type restaurant and by offering quality food made fresh everyday we believe it is revolutionary and understand how this new concept can save diners money.”  

Claudia Anzelmo is the owner of the successful five-year-old pizzeria in Chester Village Green, Pizza Express, and his partner, Sal Passalacqua, owns the successful Colonial Italian Restaurant in Colonial Heights.  

The new concept was built around a selection process from foods made fresh each day that  include four different types of pastas, four different meat entrees, four different salads, four soups and four sides.  Anzelmo calls it the Pick-System.  Your picks can range from one at a cost of $3.95 to a pick of four selections for a meal priced at $8.50. 

“You can mix and match whichever way you want,” said Anzelmo.  “We feel it is revolutionizing the way you think of Italian food.  A variety of choices, cafeteria-style, through our Pick-system.  In this kind of economy it is the best thing that has happened to Chesterfield.”

Along with the pick-system  Soprano’s also offers a wide-selection of Italian sandwiches that have been named from the cast from the Soprano’s HBO series such-as The Tony, which is a grilled chicken on the bread of choice with fried onion, mushrooms, green peppers and mayo; The Vito is a chopped grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo; and the listing continues.

For those on a very tight budget, a diner may select from the showcase, which is a selection of five to seven choices from pizza, paninis, ciabattas and wraps for $2.50.
Soprano’s caters to families looking for selection as well as the lunch crowd looking for a quick pick-up when time is very short.  According to Anzelmo, the younger folks have also found their favorites along with the choices they offered, especially with their wing sauces.

Soprano’s Italian Bistro offers something for everyone who loves Italian food and looking for choices for places to eat when it comes to the bottom line.

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