Creating memories for our children

As a child I remember walking down Main Street with ice cream dripping down my arms.  We were always racing to catch up to my mother who was leading the way to our own little “village green” where they would have concerts in the summer.  Everyone would bring their blankets and desserts and sit around and listen to a band play while the children raced from blanket to blanket, playing tag between families.  The adults would lean back on their elbows, their eyes closed, a smile on their face while the children frolicked and the sun set in the distance.  A sense of peace and safety seemed to settle over the town as the night fell.  The community of my childhood was built on the simple pleasures of life; sunshine, green grass under your bare feet, lemonade and ice cream, catching lightning bugs, picnics with the neighbors, concerts on the green, laying in the grass, watching the stars come out, children playing in the sprinklers on a hot summer day, eating fresh strawberries and not worrying about the juice dripping on your chin.  These are the memories that we all cherish.

We can all create these memories for our children in our own backyards, and, now thanks to the Chester Community Association, we can do it on the Village Green as well.  Starting the first Friday in June, Family Nights on the Green will begin. The Chester Community Association will begin hosting Family Nights on the Green the first Friday of every month from June through September.  It will be an evening of memory making for many families.  Bring your blankets, your lawn chairs and your dinner in a basket if you wish.  There will be music, food and an inflatable area by Spacewalk for the children and all you have to do is show up. The festivities will start at 6 p. m. and will end at 8:30 p.m.  

Can’t you just picture it now?  You bring your blanket and lawn chair and don’t forget the kids, pick out just the right spot and after enjoying your supper (that you either buy at the event or bring in your picnic basket), you can dance to some good music, wander around and get to know your neighbors, buy some good old fashioned ice cream and go watch the kids jump in the inflatable.  And you can always bring that Mason jar and see who can catch the most lightning bugs. It’s a great way to bring our community together with some of the simple pleasures in life.  

In this fast-paced world we live in, we all need to slow down and enjoy spending time with our families, and as my grandma likes to say, “Enjoy making memories.”  My grandma is one smart woman, and I have to agree that making memories is one of the most important jobs as a parent, so let’s make sure that these memories we are helping make are really good ones.  So, slow down, bring the kids to Family Night on the Green the first Friday of every month, the first one being June 3, and take a deep breath and let the memory making begin.


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