VSU’s search for housing delayed by county

Virginia State University (VSU) is under a massive expansion program, which will elevate the university to a SACS Level 6 institution, an important move for the university, which will propel the school to a higher profile among universities and confirm that it provides quality graduate and post graduate programs. In addition to an aggressive academic program, the university is expanding its ability to house additional students as it gains recognition as a Historical Black College and University.                                                                                        

The school’s master plan includes construction of additional student housing facilities and the renovation of a number of other dormitories. One such dormitory is scheduled for immediate construction, but the university has a problem. The $20 million facility, which will be located in Chesterfield County and will assist in the revitalization of Chesterfield Avenue and the Ettrick area, will not be finished for the fall semester.                                                    

According to Thomas Reed, the university’s director of university relations, the university will need temporary housing until the new housing facility is built. “We’ve been searching for an appropriate safe housing for students who will be registering in the fall. It could be as many as 400 students,” Reed said. He said that the school had been working with two hoteliers in Chester to accommodate new students until the Gateway II, a 500-bed, suite-style housing facility is complete.                                                                                          

But the school is getting resistance from Chesterfield County.

VSU found hotels owned by hoteliers Amil and Nick Patel to be suitable housing that would achieve their goal. The Days Inn, Clarion and Quality Inn in Chester on Route 10 near Interstate 95 could be used as temporary housing for incoming VSU students. VSU considers the hotel accommodations a good fit for their students and offers one of the only options to date to solve their student housing crunch.

Chesterfield officials demanded a meeting with the Patels, according to Nick, and during that meeting he said it was indicated that a Chesterfield County Supervisor and a local police captain had indicated they were uncomfortable with bringing “that element” into the Chester area.

 According to email correspondence with Nick, Bermuda District Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle apologized for her behavior during the meeting.

“My comments in a sense were an insult to college students raised in the Western culture; I did not know if you attended a college in the United States or a foreign country ... Unfortunately, we have established a culture in our American colleges that it is party time,” Jaeckle wrote. She writes that a fictional account by Tom Wolfe captures college days.The book titled “I Am Charlotte Simmons” is based on Wolfe’s own college experience. Wolfe attended college in 1947.            

The school promised to place guards at the hotel housing units and provide transportation for the students, but Jaeckle indicated in her email that guards and RAs (resident advisors) tend to turn a blind eye to partying. Jaeckle responded to the Village News in an email Friday that she, the police department, and building department thought there were a number of concerns in the proposal.

“Both our building inspectors office and the police department identified safety concerns,” Jaeckle wrote. “Chesterfield County prides itself on being considered a safe community that would include the safety of students who are attending Virginia State University. I have learned that a fire sprinkler system is required by the state building code to protect students and meet safety standards. In addition the traffic count and number of accidents on this stretch of Route 10 is high and there are no sidewalks, crosswalks or streetlights for pedestrian safety in this area of hotels. Although this proposal would bring business to the county, I believe in this case the safety concerns outweigh the business opportunity.”    

The Patels and the university feel that they have addressed these concerns, but according to Chesterfield Deputy Administrator Bill Dupler, the use of the hotels will have to be changed, and that will require upgrades including sprinkler systems and handicapped access in at least one of the hotels. Once again the hoteliers indicate they will make whatever upgrades the county requires, but in a letter to the Patels, Richard Wright, interim building official writes, “As indicated in a recent meeting, my staff and I will work with you to expedite the process based on the short timeframe in this situation.”                              

Dupler cites safety issues on a busy highway and the amount of improvements needed, “I don’t think there’s much of a chance they could complete the improvements before the student’s arrival in, what, mid August.”

The Patels maintain that issues presented by the county could be overcome and that there has been a stalling campaign initiated.

  In a letter written to the Patels as a reply to why a conditional use amendment for a sign for Logan’s Steakhouse on the property adjacent to one of the hotels was deferred, the sign company wrote relative to the sign approval, the  supervisor had indicated, “One didn’t have anything to do with the other but it would give... some leverage.”

  The Patels continue their effort to assist VSU with their housing needs and say that revenue for businesses in the area of the hotel stand to generate upwards of $5 million a year. The hotel tax will also generate for the county nine percent of the hotels’ annual income. And as Reed said, VSU is disappointed in the county. “We need a little help in locating students, and they’re not cooperating. We want to be good neighbors and meanwhile we are building a $20 million facility in Chesterfield.”

Dupler say that the county will assist in finding a suitable safe place for VSU’s student housing.



I am a resident of the Chester/Enon area and live within a few minutes of each of these hotels. I knew nothing about this issue until tonight.

Why did Virginia State accept more students than they could accommodate? And, why are they busing students past several large, new hotels in the Colonial Heights to come to Chester?

Before you blast me, you should know that my husband is a graduate of Virginia State.

As a parent of a VSU student

As a parent of a VSU student from California, this whole housing issue is disturbing. The university can bill me for out of state student fees, but cannot notify me that there may be a problem with housing? There is no way that I will send my child back to VSU with such poor management and disregard for its students. Anyone who has been to VSU knows that if safety on campus is an issue with the "locals", as they are called, how can they control happenings 10 miles or so away? What happens when there are functions on campus that motel-housed students want to attend? I could go on and on with questions, but the bottom line is, the university has failed to properly notify and does not have much regard for non residents who are paying higher fees for this nightmare.

The guess of the hotel and

The guess of the hotel and college students are two different types of people. I agree that it is not safe for the students in the hotels. Those hotels are not the best hotels and students could be get hurt or even killed. Its better for students to live on campus where there is good security. There is rift raft everywhere you go anyway. The main concern here is the safety of the students. If one of the students were to be kill (and I hope that does not happen), someone can sue the school and that would be a major problem. So I agree that the main issue is the safety of the students, that should always be first!!!!

VSU's Search for Housing

Seems you should or could have expected a much higher level of competence from VSU, itself.

Why would they tear down a much needed dorm before there was another in its place if housing and enrollment had escalated to such a degree. It seems that without an intelligent and adequate pre-plan, they planned to fail and did resoundingly. It is, afterall, the responsibility of the unniversity to provide the safe, housing for their own students, especially when they re-quire first year students to reside on campus. Having to house students in a motel is simply irresponsible. It is not safe for the students and it is not a great environment for the motels either. I could just envision
students running across the four lanes of Route 10 traffic at any time, day or night. I certainly would not want to stay in or near a motel used as student housing for the obvious noise and disturbance at all hours. Busing students at rush hours seems inexcusable. I hear that Chesterfield has turned VSU down and now they are looking to Prince George County. I cannot understand why PG would break their own laws on motels to accommodate VSU; or why they would even consider giving up much needed tax revenue, in addition to picking up the headaches related to college students. (Ever tried to get through Main Street at VCU during day or night classes? Kids on bikes, kids crossing the street between parked cars, walking everywhere just like cars don't exist on all those streets.) This is totally inexcusable and irresponsible for a state sponsored University. Unregulated growth of the school should not be allowed at the cost of the students' safety, students' housing, and students' suitable environments

Well yeah, it will

Well yeah, it will contaminate Chester!!! Ettrick isnt exactly the Garden of Eden with VSU there!

The reason that the students

The reason that the students may not be able to stay in the hotels near Southpark Mall, is due to the large influx of military personel that has been staying in the area. All of the hotels in the Southpark Mall area are always full or close to it because of the military contracts.

I agree that VSU should

I agree that VSU should expand, but not at the expense of our freshmen and sophomores' safety. My daughter will be living in one of those hotels and I am not pleased at all. I have talked to some of the students living there, and safety is a big issue, not to mention the hassel of getting to classes on time due to the waiting on buses and the time it takes to get to VSU. I have talked to an alumni and was told that a hotel was shut down because someone was murdered. I was not told which one, but accordingly, it did happen. I am very concerned. I do not know the agenda of those involved, however, my major concern is the safety of my child. And, just in case you are thinking it, I am not pulling my daughter out of school. We are not quitters. There are problems and the problems need to be fixed.


I agree with the massive expansion program that VSU is trying to implement in the next several years. I am appalled that Ms. Dorothy Jaeckle and Mr. Captain Smith of the Chesterfield County Police Department are against an enormous opportunity for growth for the county,and the amount of potential revenue this could generate for the countless business owners located in the Chester area.

VSU has tried & tested the off campus housing situation on two different occasions the best of my knowledge. It was first attempted with the Ramada hotel located in Petersburg, VA, and secondly at the Steven Kent Hotel located in Prince George County. Did Ms. Jaeckle do her research and ask those hoteliers, and the Petersburg & Prince George Police Departments how this "off campus" housing did or didn't benefit them? Probably Not.

VSU has invested millions of dollars into the city of Ettrick. As a VSU alumni, the University looks "nothing" like it did almost 18 years ago. The University has undergone a major "face lift" throughout the years.They have bought property along 2nd, 3rd avenue, and along river road, with the inention of building a civic center in the near future.

Its seems like Ms. Jaeckle's & Mr. Captains Smith major concern is for the safety of the students, which it very well should be! However, in reading her rebuttals to the following comments, I didn't see her to offer a solution to the problem. My suggestion would be to house all of the freshman & sophomore class on the University's local campus first, and then to house all juniors and seniors at these particular hotels located in the Chester area. Reason being that most seniors only have a minimum of hours to complete before they graduate, and they have their own reliable transportation. Their level of responsibility and maturity should represent someone with a college educated mindset, so the late night hours, underage drinking, and outside friends coming to socialize, that Ms. Jaeckle was speaking off, shouldn't play a factor at all. If Chesterfield County felt they could provide a safe housing for the past 15+ years to the thousands,(not 600) of business & leisure travelers that come through the I-95/Route 10 interchange on a continuous basis, then why all of a sudden is that area condemned as an "unsafe" environment in 2011? The answer is so obvious! You don't want any "RIFT RAFT" in your backyard, because they are better left down in the Ghetto were they belong! Today's college student is supposed to be the "cream of the crop", and the problem is NOT the college students, its the outside "RIFT RAFT" that come into the area, from Petersburg, Hopewell, and the surrounding areas! I CAN ONLY ASSUME THAT YOU AFRAID THAT THE VSU STUDENTS WILL CONTAMINATE CHESTER???

Ms Jaeckle increase out taxes please!!

Don't let business flourish in Chesterfield County....send to other localities so we can have the highest real estate taxes in the area.
Look at Henrico County....they get it!!! They encourage business and thus the residents benefits from lowers real estate taxes!!

Dororthy keep it up!

Dorothy Jaeckle, I truly appreciate the decision you and the Chesterfield County admin are taking. Safety is essential and you are looking out in the best interest of students. Patels are using Mark Fausz to show a one sided story. It is very dissappointing to read slanted articles that he continously writes in the Village News. Also, it is dissapointing that Nick Patel tries to accuse you with the word element. However, I am pleased that you are making the right decision by looking out for the safety of college students and not only financial gains. Leaders like you allow Chesterfield County a great place to live.


SHAME SHAME SHAME on the PATELS for putting their own financial benefit in front of the SAFETY of these young adults who are the future to our wonderful country. What the Patels are doing is a DISGRACE, they are trying to portray their actions as aiding the University, when all they truly care about is their own financial gain. They obviously don't care about the safety of the students attending the University! I've done some research on the "Patels" and they own other hotels closer to VSU in the southpark mall area which are much closer to VSU. Why don't they offer the students some rooms there? the students will be in a pedestrian friendly area, MUCH closer to campus, and close to a mall and a bunch of other places college students enjoy. Right on Dorothy Jaeckle what you are doing is awesome! You are putting the safety of these young adults ahead of the financial gains of the county. Dorothy's heart is obviously in the right place, she is willing to sacrifice a large amount of profit for the county for the safety of these students as oppose to the Patel's who have disguising there greed as "aid" for the University.

I am appalled that Supervisor

I am appalled that Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle is against housing VSU students in Chesterfield County! She stated in her response below that she was “perplexed” as to why The Village News, would present such a slanted version of this issue, but I am perplexed as to why this article was only published in The Village News? I think this issue should definitely go further like the Progress Index, Richmond Times Dispatch and possibly get the local news channels involved, Chesterfield County Residents need to see what type of Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle really is, I think she not only lacks book sense but common sense as well, because any person with your stature should not be using terms like “that element” when we have a issue like this. If you had such a solid relationship with VSU then you would have known about the housing shortage last year, unless you felt it would not have an effect on you until now, since VSU is looking to house “that element” in Chesterfield County! The question that I have is, now you know about the issue with housing VSU students what actions do you plan on taking with assisting in getting accommodations with these students at the local area hotels? Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle you can fix this controversy that you created and you have until August to do it, from reading these comments below I think it would be in your best interest to do it before someone really take this matter to a more abroad media, and not just The Village News!

Not Surprised!

Those of us who have followed Ms. Jaeckle during her campaign for supervisor and in the years since her election were not surprised by her recent comments concerning the VSU students. They were, in fact, typical of her attitude toward any group of people who do not quite measure up to her self-imposed community standards. Perhaps she needs to be reminded that she represents ALL people in her district not just those who live, worship, learn and think as she does. Let’s not forget that it was she who nominated the current chairman of the board, breaking tradition and bypassing the African American board member who had served commendably the previous year as vice-chair. (A note to the writer of the one letter of support for Ms. Jaeckle: We need not hire additional police officers to control the 600 new residents. VSU is in Chesterfield. So, whether they live on campus or on Rt. 10 the students are Chesterfield residents.)

Dorothy Jaeckle Behavior

I cannot believe that our County has elected someone that reacts this way in 2011. This behavior is unacceptable and the county citizens should not stand for this attitude. We are not going back to the old south!!! Totally in appropriate!

I don't think its the number

I don't think its the number of students at question here, its the style of living at. As a frequent business traveler I can say that hotel guest usually arrive in the evening or late night and leave first thing in the morning. With college students residing at the hotels, this would become more of an apartment kind of atmosphere which would definitely involve a lot more walking around and foot traffic on route 10 because the students will probably spend a lot more time at the hotel than an actual hotel guest would. When spending this time at the hotel there going to want to do things like go to the gas station, go grab a bite, shopping etc. a lot more frequently than a typical hotel guest whose just there for a night's sleep and out first thing in the morning. These activities will probably exponentially increase the foot traffic on Route-10, which is already a non pedestrian road.

Good decision ...Dorothy

Saftey of the student as pedisterian is vewry importnant as well as citizens. You are doing your job right to protect citizens life. Please make sure to allow them to house in chesterfield once they meet the code.


First it was converting Chester Middle to Thomas Dale annex. Now it is VSU students. Coming next election, she will not get my vote.

VSU not only college that houses students in hotels

Both my Kid's attended JMU several years ago and both had to stay in a local hotel for one full year. This was mandated by JMU as there was no on campus housing available. Although staying in a hotel was not ideal it was a temporary situation and my kids were never in any type safety concerns.
I also recall my Neice staying at a hotel on Broad Street when she attended VCU. Let me guess that was a quieter area for students to stay than Rt 10.
Also a simple fact that these hotels in question should have a certain occupancy that they can not exceed on any given night. So why does Ms. Jaeckle keeps bringing up student numbers when these hotels are allowed to house that many people anyway. It looks like she is digging her heels in the sand with no real reasons of why not to compromise with the hotels and VSU??
Ms. Jaeckle please call George Allen and ask what happens when you show your true feelings towards a group of people you find "undesirable"


Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle,

You say it's unsafe for the college students because of lack of sidewalks and high number of accidents really doesn't have to do anything with the students. Guests at the hotel have had no problem in the past and these students are young adults and know not to cross a busy street like that. The college is even going to have security at the hotel. Why must you be so crazy and not want this to happen? THE SAFETY CONCERNS FOR THE STUDENTS ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEM. YOU JUST DONT WANT ANY "RIFT RAFT" IN THE CHESTER AREA.

Please bring Dickie King back!!! AMEN. Dorothy Jaeckle, get out of office. Your a mess! A MESS!


Dorothy Jaeckle touted in her comment the "solid relationship between Chesterfield County and VSU" without once acknowledging that she has not offered a reasonable solution or alternative to the VSU housing situation. If the county decided that hotels capable of accommodating 600 plus guests were suitable for a site adjacent to the I-95/Route 10 interchange, how then can the county make a reasonable argument that the site is not suitable for 600 young adult guests? Ms. Jaeckle and her associates indicated that they are uncomfortable bringing “that element” into Chesterfield County. Perhaps she is unaware that the "element" that she speaks of has existed peacefully in South Chesterfield County for over 125 years. She may also be uncomfortable with the hundreds of millions of dollars that the University has invested and will continue to invest in the county as part of the 20/20 Vision Plan. Just last week, Dr. Miller took part in the presentation of the Chesterfield Avenue revitalization project phase 2 in which the school will supply half of the $300,000 needed to fund the project.

Ms. Jaeckle, you still have the opportunity to right your wrongs and lend a helping hand to a university that has long served underprivileged youth. My question to you is this; What will you do to insure that the solid relationship between Chesterfield County and VSU extends well into the future while serving the housing needs of almost 600 young adults in pursuit of a higher education?

VSU Housing

Wow, why beat up on Ms. Jaeckle for standing up for safety? If something happens to one of those students who are parents going to blame? Why were VSU officials and the Patels willing to put hundreds of students in hotel rooms with no sprinkler systems in first place, which violates VA law? I'm a taxpayer and we don't have enough police officers in Chesterfield for our own residents and now you want to add hundreds of partying college students? Who is going to pay for extra police to keep them safe and/or under control? So fellow taxpayers, if Chesterfield County officials just choose to ignore safety concerns and conveniently overlook VA law, just who do you think the parents will sue when a student is harmed? They will sue Chesterfield County, and that's you and me! Thank you Ms. Jaeckle for standing up for what's right even in the face of those who throw out the race card whenever they are exposed. Wonder if the Patels ever checked with local businesses for their input or concerns? Did VSU or the Patels go to the police or county officials with their plans in advance?

Ms. Jaeckle, You are missing

Ms. Jaeckle,
You are missing the point, who else is lined up to invest in ETTRICK? Instead of thanking the University for their planned improvements, investment and faith in the County, YOU choose to be antagonistic. Instead of stating what Chester is not, get prepared for growth and determine what Chester can be. Perhaps the area can house 300? 400? The students will bring money into the county, you do realize. And 600 students does not a college town make, it's a temporary solution to help the University. Get over your "just say no attitude" and get to work!

I do find it interesting that if the hotels were sold out on any given day the area would be able to accommodate 600 people...but for some reason, the area can't accommodate 600 VSU STUDENTS....interesting.

VSU Grad and Chesterfield resident

The point

You caught a mistake, I agree. Wolfes book was "I am Charlotte Simmons." And your also right on the plot of the book. When I wrote the article, I was reading from an email and having never read Wolfe's book, mistyped the name of the book. I Googled the plot and I believe it was Amazon or another website that I found a review the said that although based on current student activities it was really subconsciencally about his life.

The real point has nothing to do with the book, the statement was only and aside to the real story which was attributed extensively and we at the VN have all the references, interviews and emails used as material for the piece. None of it was heresay as has been said.

Thank you for your comment.

What point

What is the point ? I'm confused. If Mr. Wolfe's novel was researched and based on the current lifestyles of coeds, but the author of this article implies that it was based on college life during Mr. Wolfe's time in college in the 1940's, it appears that the the point of the sentence was to imply that Ms. Jaeckle is out of touch with the lifestyles of current college students or, at a minimum, did not read the book.

Also, as for the description of the book, I would be curious of your source. I found nothing on the internet that said anything that remotely resembles what you wrote. Wikipedia does have a fairly good description of the book.


The article concerning VSU’s search for housing was so full of misinformation I felt compelled to post online to correct the record regarding the County’s response to the University’s proposal to house 600 students in three hotels adjacent to the I-95/Route 10 interchange. I am perplexed as to why The Village News, a publication that is considered “the” news source for the Chester community, would present such a slanted version regarding the County’s response to this issue.

As citizens of Chesterfield, we are all very proud of the expansion program at VSU and very impressed with the leadership of Dr. Keith Miller. Dr. Miller has done a wonderful job with outreach to the community, especially the business community. He has worked closely with the business community to help ensure that Virginia State equips graduates to be attractive to employers. Dr. Miller also has worked closely with Chesterfield County Administration regarding the expansion of VSU and the welcome investments related to that expansion.

Due to the solid relationship between Chesterfield County and VSU, I believe it was simply a communication glitch that the University did not notify the County of the University’s housing shortage and ask for help in identifying places that would meet our County codes and provide a safe environment for the students. Instead, the Chesterfield County Police Department first learned from police officials in other localities of a plan to house 350 VSU students at the Clarion Hotel immediately adjacent to the on-ramp from on Route 10 to southbound I-95. Only after further inquiries by the Chesterfield County Police Department and the County Administration, it was discovered that VSU was working with Mr. Patel, the owner of the Clarion Hotel and the Quality Inn, to accommodate almost 600 students for two years in three hotels on Route 10 in Chester. This particular section of Route 10, part of which is now a construction zone, has a traffic count of 44,000 cars per day and has one of the highest incidences of traffic accidents in the County. Due to the lack of crosswalks and sidewalks, coupled with the pedestrian lifestyle of college students, the Chesterfield County Police Department determined that it could not provide a safe environment in this area for 600 college students.

I asked Mr. Patel to meet with Captain Smith, the Police Captain of the South Precinct, and me to discuss our safety concerns. Captain Smith outlined his safety concerns and told Mr. Patel that due to the location of the three hotels it was not possible to create a safe environment for 600 college students. In addition to the pedestrian hazards, the activities of college students presented other elements that created hazards such as late night hours, underage drinking, and outside friends coming to socialize. Although I know Mr. Patel is disappointed in the loss of business, I feel it was dishonorable of Mr. Patel to imply in the Village News that the use of the word “elements” by Captain Smith or by me was derogatory in nature.

Mr. Patel called me later that day and told me he was bringing business to the county and he thought I did not treat him like a proper businessperson. I apologized to Mr. Patel and told him it was not a comment on his business; it was a comment on the culture of college students. The way the story was presented in The Village News made it appear that I was apologizing for the use of the word “elements.”

When there is a story that is connected with my service on the Board of Supervisors, every other publication in the area calls me for my version of hearsay before printing an article. It is important that readers of The Village News know that The Village News does not have the practice of substantiating with me information about my work on behalf of the citizens in the Bermuda District before it goes to print.

I remain convinced that the police are correct in their safety concerns about housing that many students in that high traffic area that has no pedestrian-friendly attributes. College towns are just that-college towns designed to accommodate college students. The Route 10 area in Chester is not designed for this use. I also feel that such a use of those facilities is a major shift in usage that had not been vetted at all with the community or its representatives.

Dorothy Jaeckle
Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors
Bermuda District

That Element

Dorothy seems to have a problem with many of "that element"-- first it was tattoo parlors and now college students!! What next?

Is Chester the old South and Henrico is the North now.

I am completly insulted with Dorothy Jaeckle and I feel she gives all the open minded white americans in the Commonwealth a bad name. I am a business owner in Henrico and I understand why more and more of us in the Richmond area do not have much fondness of the Chester market. She is willing to take the schools tax dollars and permiting fees for the new dorm but has no intrest in working with these young adults as they strive to make a better life for them and there community. With all of the racial problems in this world I feel the answer to ignorance is education and these kids deserve the same chances that all of us have and have had for a long time. All the points she and her associates have made have would not be a concern if we were talking about Richard Bland College because that is a fight with William & Mary which I dont think she would have the courage to take on. With that said I think the Patels should be praised for reaching out to these kids and trying to do their part. In conclusion if the Patels are not worried about the security of their hotel which should she. Patels please keep up your fight and best of luck.

This confirms my earlier

This confirms my earlier post.......looks like Dorothy does not reads and possibly reads Cliff-Note version of books. She completely was off base of what the author wrote............a little wine and the Cliff-Notes will do that to you!

Clearly the hotel owners are

Clearly the hotel owners are willing to make every effort to make the necessary changes at their expense and these seem to be excellent locations for the students. They will bring in additional revenue for countless businesses during a tough economy - exactly what is needed for the county and the business owners. The taxes alone will be an outstanding source of revenue.
In regards to any negative impact of housing college students- I am confident the hotel owners took that into consideration. Clearly they feel this is in the best short and long term interest of their establishments or they would not be making every effort to work with the school and county and make such a large investment.

Charlotte Rampling?

I'll have to double-check my source but I believe that is what was written in apology email. I didn't read the book but the discription I read online was how I discribed it in the piece. However, I believe the point remains.

The editor may want to

The editor may want to correct one thing in this article. The book by Thomas Wolfe is titled "I Am Charlotte Simmons", and it is not based on Wolfe's own college experience. Wolfe wrote the book after interviewing coeds at Duke, UNC-CH, U. of Florida, U. Penn and Michigan. It's also a very interesting book, but I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 16, at least.

Did Dorothy Jaeckle attend College

All I can say is WOW!! I took the liberty of going on Ms. Jaeckle's website and see no mention of any higher education on her resume? Looks like she knows alot about college from books she reads but never attended. It doesn't even mention if she went to High School?
If someone from VA State University Admissions is reading this, please call her to enroll this fall. And put her in one of these hotels as a Freshmen!
Her major should be Sociology(the study of people) and minor in "cultural sensitivity"

Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle needs to go!

VSU is investing their money into Chesterfield by building a state-of-the-art $20 million dollar facility and this is what Chesterfield country does. I'm especially shocked that Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle would have such oppositions to this. Does she want her county to prosper? Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle most likely felt uncomfortable with bringing “that element” into the Chester area because she did not want any "rift raft" and we all know "what" she means. It was totally uncalled for and apologizing isn't enough. The Patels are trying to help the county while Ms. Jaeckle is opposing the business. She needs to go ASAP.

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