Boy Scout Troop 178 held awards meeting

Boy Scout Troop 178 held an awards meeting at the VFW in Chester on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. Tom Ferguson, commander of the post, is to thank for providing Troop 178 with a meeting location. The following is a list of awards and recognitions that were presented:

Austin Pully, Brian Goodwyn, Brian Thompson, Daniel Aquart received their STAR rank. Crystal Baugh received the Troop Committee patch. Brandon Goodwyn received the 4th Eagle PALM award and the Scout of the Year Award. Austin Pully, Brian Goodwyn, Daniel Aquart, Devon Harter, Johnathan Best and Joshua Weaver  received their Communication Merit badge from Winter Camp. Bruce Barnes, Isaiah Johnson, Jehremy Smith, Kyle Bailey received the Railroad Merit badges from Winter Camp. Brian Thompson and Daniel Aquart received their Personal Management Merit badges. Art Faithful, the troop’s committee chairman, presented the Winter Camp patches, the Klondike Derby patches, while Lowell Flickener, a council representative, conducted a presentation for Friends of Scouting. CJ Neblett, John Brooks received their Scout rank.  DJ Egnew, Jimmy Cornish received recognition for their Eagle Scout rank achievements.


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