Police Blotter

NECHO CT  5/26  Kings Forest.  Item removed from a trailer parked at the side of victim’s residence.   

HOPKINS RD  5/23  Falling Creek Elementary School.  Property removed from the back of a pickup truck while parked at the listed location.  

MAIN ST  5/26  Three unlocked vehicles entered with items taken from one.  

COACH RD  5/26  Locked 2006 Dodge Stratus was stolen from listed location and later recovered, on fire, in Richmond City. A rear passenger window on a second vehicle, a 1993 Volvo parked in the same lot three spaces down from the Stratus, was found damaged with a slight crack. No entry had been gained to the Volvo.                      

TIMBERLINE DR  5/26  Tinsberry Trace.  Victim robbed during a drug transaction.  Suspect was later located and taken into custody.         

PERDUE SPRINGS CT  5/28  Victim shot after attending a teen party at the listed location.    

TIMSBERRY CR  5/30  Broadwater Townhouses.  Suspect/s gained entry to the listed residence through an unlocked window near the back door.  Listed items were taken.     

RANDOM RD  5/20  Random Woods.  Victim noticed items missing from his residence, and later noticed multiple areas of force on the exterior of the home, including pry marks on the sliding glass doors.             

FAIRPINES CT  5/26  Fairpines.  Suspect/s gained entry to the residence by removing the door handle from a rear door.  Listed items were stolen from inside.                 

 MEADOWDALE BL  5/21  Regency Lake Apartments.  Listed items taken from residential shed, which had the hasp pried off.               

BALDWIN RD  5/26  Listed items were taken from inside the residence.  Entry was possibly gained through an unlocked door.

 BELFIELD CT  4/28  Brentwood.  Unknown suspects took listed items from outside and underneath the listed vacant residence, which is currently for sale.

 HILMAR DR  5/26  Hilmar.  Listed property stolen from complainant’s unsecured vehicle                              

BELLMEADOWS CT  5/30  Huntingcreek Hills. Listed suspect was caught trying to gain entry into victim’s vehicle.  Responding officers stopped suspect and took him into custody.            

PERDUE SPRINGS DR  5/28  Intown Suites. Window of complainant’s work van broken out and listed items stolen.                  

W HUNDRED RD  5/26  Victim’s keys were stolen from inside the fitness center. When the victim had a locksmith come open her vehicle, she discovered the keys had been used to steal items from her vehicle.                

CREEK W  5/27  Ashton Creek Apts.  Listed property stolen from victim’s unlocked Dodge Caravan.    

JESSUP RD  5/30  Fairpines.  License plates taken from victim’s vehicle.   

 JAMES ST  5/29  Witnesses observed suspect steal wheel covers from the victim’s vehicle while in the parking lot.

Hyde PARK DR  5/28  Hyde Park Apartments.  Property stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.             

REMUDA D  5/28  Dupont Village.  Victim reported his Dodge pickup truck stolen.    

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/29  Shady Hill Trailer Park. Victim’s two-door green 1996 Saturn was missing from outside of the residence.  Her keys were missing from inside of the residence as well.                                   

 JESSUP RD  5/28  Unknown suspect/s attempted to steal a county dump truck but got it stuck in the ditch.              

BROOKSHIRE DR  5/23  Ravensdale.  Victim reports on the listed date that as she pulled into her driveway, the armed suspect approached looking for her ex-boyfriend. When he was not given the ex-boyfriend’s location, the suspect then grabbed cash from the victim’s vehicle and fled.                      

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/31  Suspect/s entered the residence through an unlocked door and removed listed items from inside.  

CASTLEWOOD RD  5/27  Forced entry to maintenance shed and listed items stolen.

 CURTIS ST  5/30  Chester Christian Church. Suspect/s forced entry to the office area of the church.  Multiple rooms inside the office building were entered, rummaged through and had items missing. A window was broken out and appeared to be the point of entry.  

PERCIVAL ST  5/29  Chester United Methodist Church. Attempted entry to building through side window where screens had been removed.           

GENERAL BL  5/20  HVAC unit stolen from listed residence.     JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/31  Food Lion. Victim’s purse was stolen from her unsecured vehicle.

OSBORNE RD  5/29  Masked subject, armed with a handgun, entered the victim’s residence and ordered her to lead him to a specific bedroom in the home.  He then led the victim to another bedroom where he bound her feet and hands, leaving her there. The victim was later able to break free and get assistance to call police.                             

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/31  Victim and known suspect were involved in an altercation at the listed location. The victim fled when the suspect reached into his vehicle and displayed a semi-automatic pistol. A few minutes later, the victim came back to the scene to get his wife who had stayed behind. At that time, a second suspect, who is usually with the known offender, put a revolver to the victim’s head. The victim and his wife fled the scene and were followed by the suspects.  However, no further confrontations occurred.  Note: Conflict began at the methadone clinic. Subjects then went across the street to the 7-Eleven where the fight ensued.               

BROADWATER W  6/1  Broadwater Townhouses. Victim stabbed with a knife during a fight at the listed location.                     

 JAMES ST  6/1  Known suspect used his keys to the residence to enter and remove the listed item.       

OLD SQUAWS LN  6/1  Woodland Pond.  Entry to residence gained possibly via a front door that was secured by the door knob lock only. Property removed from the interior. Suspect/s then entered two vehicles parked in the driveway, taking coins from one.

MANASSAS DR  5/19  Kingsland Glen. Rear garage door pried and then kicked in, causing damage to the door. The entry door to the residence was also kicked in, damagingthe frame.  Box springs were moved from the upstairs hall to lean against the wall in an upstairs bedroom, as were tools belonging to an evicted tenant, which were taken from plain view in the garage.                            

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  6/2  Shady Hill Trailer Park. Suspect observed prying a drink machine open and removing the listed items.             

HARROWGATE RD  6/1  Victim had just made a purchase at the listed location and walked out the store, followed by the described suspect. As he got on his bike to ride home, the suspect followed him in his vehicle, occupied by other individuals. When the vehicle pulled up beside the victim, one of the subjects in the car told the victim to give him his money. The victim then rode off on his bike.


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