Police Blotter : March 10, 2010

SUMMERLEAF DR 2/28 Orchard Hill. Entry was forced to a vacant residence through its rear door, where damage was found. Nothing was taken from inside.

RIDDLE RD 2/27 Courthouse Green. A residence was entered through its rear sliding glass door and property was stolen from inside.

CAPTAIN DR 2/28 Harbour East Village. Suspect/s forced entry to the listed residence and removed property from inside.

PIEDMONT AVE 2/27 Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the residence through the front door. The victim’s large dog was inside the residence, which may have deterred the suspect/s.

SHAMROCK DR 2/28 Centralia Gardens. Two vehicles were entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

TINS LN 2/28 Tinsberry Trace. Two unlocked vehicles were entered and the listed property was reported stolen.

TINSTREE DR 2/28 Tinsberry Trace. A GPS was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked blue 1995 Mercury Villager.

HALROSE LN 2/26 An armed suspect approached the victim, telling him to empty his pockets. When the victim handed over his property, the suspect allowed him to leave.

THIRD AVE 3/01 Unknown suspect/s gained entry to the residence through a locked rear window where the suspect/s broke the locking mechanisms. Two screens to the rear windows were found on the ground and a metal chair was sitting under the window where entry was gained. Nothing was missing from inside and it was uncertain whether entry was actually gained.

SHERBOURNE RD 3/01 Sherbourne Heights. Entry to the residence was forced by breaking out a rear window and property was stolen.

STATUTE ST 3/01 Courthouse Green. Attempted forcible entry to the residence through the rear door, where damage was found.

WHISPERWOOD DR 3/01 Ryan Homes Inc. Brass backflow preventer/regulators were stolen from multiple houses under construction in the area.

SWIFTRUN RD 3/01 The front passenger window of the victim’s 1992 Ford E350 box truck was broken out with a piece of asphalt. Miscellaneous property was removed.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 3/01 The driver’s rear window was broken out of the victim’s locked vehicle and miscellaneous property was taken.

CREEK WAY 3/02 Ashton Creek Apartments. The victim’s apartment was entered, possibly through an unlocked bedroom window, and property was stolen. No signs of force were found.

BRENSPARK RD 3/02 Courthouse Woods. The victim’s shed was forcibly entered and a bike was taken.

OLD CHESHIRE DR 3/02 Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the residence by prying on the rear door.

HEMLOCK RD 3/02 Trueheart Heights. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked 2006 Ford, which was parked in his driveway.

STARINE LN 3/02 Bermuda Gardens. The victim reported miscellaneous property stolen from the bed of his silver 2000 Ford F150.

MEADOWDALE BL 3/03 Regency Lake Apartments. License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s silver 1998 Dodge Durango.

HAMLIN WY 3/01 Glen Oaks. The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s red 1999 Ford Explorer.

DALEBROOK DR 3/03 Suspect entered the victim’s RV and removed property.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 3/03 Worshams Trailer Park. Unknown suspects entered via the rear door to steal property from the victim’s trailer.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 3/03 Auto Finders of Virginia. Complainant reported several tires and rims were stolen from two vehicles on his lot.

KENTSHIRE LN 3/03 Ascot Pointe. Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the victim’s 1995 Honda, which was parked in her driveway. No signs of forced entry were noted.


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