Be a Hometown Tourist

If your summer is getting off to a slow start or you don’t have enough time or money for a getaway, there is no reason your family can’t have a memorable vacation.  Everything you need is right here.  Staying close to home means you not only save money, but you avoid the hassels of travel and help support the local economy.  

To plan:
Create an environment of a traditional vacation.
- Schedule the beginning and end date and put it on the calendar.
- Establish a “no chore zone.”   Stay away from using your vacation time to clean house or take on landscape or home improvement projects.
- Plan activities for every day.
- Act like a tourist.  Take photos and videos.  Pick up postcards and souvenirs from the places you visit.

Below is a calendar with scheduled events to help you plan your vacation.  Be sure to remember Henricus Historical Park for a great way to discover the beginnings of our history in Virginia and Pocahontas State Park which is great for camping, biking, canoeing and swimming.


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