The dreaded Transformers 3 dilemma with the boy

The dog days of summer have arrived and with it the summer blockbusters. There is nothing more refreshing than being hit with the welcoming blast of icy movie-theater air as you drag your limp, heat-exhausted body in from the Sahara-like parking lot. Not only are you greeted with a revitalizing shot of arctic frigidness, you are also treated to one of the most heavenly scents that will ever travel through your olfactory system.

That’s right, popcorn; the smell of movie-theater popcorn is one of my all time favorite smells and I can say it’s also highly disappointing that the popcorn tastes nothing like the advertisement.  That is one of the great disappointments in movie going, not unlike inappropriate behavior from your seat neighbor or the screaming two-year-old in the seat behind you. I have always wished that the popcorn tasted like it smelled, but alas that wonderful smell and the delicious feel of frosty air brushing your skin on a hot, wilting Virginia day are a treat that ranks as one of our family’s top ten things to do in the summer.

This brings us to the dreaded Transformers 3 dilemma with the boy. Our delightful little guy has always been obsessed (really and truly, people) with Transformers. From a small age (I know he is only five) he has loved all things robotic and moveable, thus Transformers are his one true love. The cartoon, the toys, clothes, bed linens, shoes and even underwear (yes, Optimus Prime has even graced his little hiney) have been involved in his life for eons (ha!). We have allowed him to watch the first two movies on DVD where we were able to fast forward through parts deemed unacceptable (language), and when this last movie was being promoted told him that, yes, he could finally go see one on the big screen.

We were all gearing up to go when Mommy found the dreaded website for parents warning them that this movie was not for children’s little delicate eyes and ears. Yes I do my research and, yes, this news resulted in an almost meltdown until we took him to buy two new Transformer toys and a side trip to Sweet Frog – frozen yogurt does make it all better!

After much discussion with my little guy about why we couldn’t go see it (bad words), Daddy and I had to covertly go about planning a time when we could actually go see it. We love Transformers too!

While the children were safely tucked away in their respected places of care, Daddy and I snuck away to see the highly anticipated summer blockbuster. Oh, it was so wonderful! Action packed, funny at times, loud, explosions and huge awesome robots, what more could you ask for? There was some language but it wasn’t terrible and I was beginning to think that maybe the boy could come see it after all! I was so happy that we had decided to come see it and make the decision for ourselves and not rely on a parental website to do that for us. Now, I am glad the website was there because it made me pause before I just took him to the movie.  I think that we should always be mindful of what we are letting the little ones watch. But you are the only one who knows your child and how they will respond to something; and after watching this movie I knew he wouldn’t even notice the words that I heard because he would be more interested in all of the robot action, because it was packed with Transformer battles and that is all the boy wanted to see. So, of course, off Daddy and the boy went to see Transformers 3.  

The verdict was in: the boy had a most excellent time at the theater. He did not get bored, he was in awe of the action, the noise and just overall excited about the whole thing. He even volunteered that he heard one bad word. When I asked what it was, he simply responded, “Well Mommy, you said I am not supposed to repeat those.”
Lovely little one, of course I had to know which one bad word he was referring too, I had picked up on a few more than that.  “Just say it this one time, what was it buddy?” I asked innocently enough, all the while holding my breath.  “One Transformer said to another metal thing ‘you are so ridiculous!’”  

Well there you have it folks, I figured he would be so enamored with what was going on that he wouldn’t be paying attention and I was right, plus apparently he doesn’t even know what the bad words are so that gives me a little hope for the future!


That was a pleasant anecdote.

That was a pleasant anecdote. Transformers is summer fun, and still with some deeper pathos for the older to enjoy. Terrific movie. best one this year.

Nice Post

A nice story.I think that the incidence is really like an example for others...

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