Tea Party candidate for Senate speaks in Chester

Chesterfield native Jamie Radtke spoke Saturday afternoon with community members just outside the Village Grill in Chester, sharing her motivations to run for a U.S. Senate seat in 2012.  

Radtke, the chairwoman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and pilot organizer of Virginia’s first Tea Party convention, made public her plan to run in late 2010.
According to an article in The Washington Post at that time, “Va. tea party leader Radtke weighing U.S. Senate run,” Radtke had considered running for the state Senate this year but with the success at the convention last fall, she considered pursuing a seat in the U.S. Senate instead.

Saturday morning she started off with two reasons motivating her to make a run for the U.S. Senate: “There’s a distinct feeling that the America that we’ve always known is being erased – and it’s literally being erased,” she addressed a crowd of about 40 people. “ ... And the second reason is because, for the first time ever, I have the distinct feeling that government is literally coming into the four walls our living room.”

Radtke also expressed her opinion on a multitude of national issues, including how our country’s $14.4 trillion debt impacts everything we do, that “restoring fiscal sanity” is one of her top priorities.

“Does it make sense to borrow money from China to give to Pakistan, while we pick up the interest payments?” she said. “Does that make sense? These are the fundamental questions that have to be asked.”

Also, in revitalizing the economy, Radtke stated that she advocated flat taxes and “Federalism,” where the state could check the power of the Federal government. However, she feels that the state has ultimately lost that power.

“But the last thing for my campaign is that we have to reaffirm life, liberty and property – it’s the fundamentals of this country,” Radtke said. “ … Our liberty is on assault at any given day. Those are fundamental, and we can’t lose sight of protecting those three things. And that’s why I’m running.”

Highways Safety Engineer Mike Sawyer, a member of the Chester Patriots – a group that meets regularly with certain values and principles in mind to correct the actions of our political leaders, according to their website – felt Radkte was “right on point” Saturday.

“When you talk about the Constitution as a limiting document, it’s not something to be ignored,” he said. “That’s what has happened so far; they (the federal government) has messed with the Constitution, ignored it, and people are kind of fed up with that. Jamie represents that voice that says let’s restore the founding fathers’ vision, which is: It doesn’t all have to happen in DC.”

And though Radtke believes in the Republican creed “wholeheartedly,” she said she’d like to restore integrity to it.

“We need a new generation of courageous leadership, people who are going to stand up to the democrats and the liberals, but also people who will stand up to their own party when their party is wrong – that’s what we’re missing,” she said. “Both parties have gotten us in this situation … and you can’t fix a problem until you realize there is a problem.”


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