Story of a special container

Containers, I think, play quite an important role in a gardener’s life. As we look for unique ways to grow plants, container gardening is a great way to do it. And, not only can containers create a “movable” garden such as on a patio or a balcony,  they also allow us to have color and texture at places where the soil is difficult to work with.  

In our own garden, while there is no dearth of the so-called difficult or unfriendly spots, there is one that has always frustrated me. Right at the corner of the walkway that leads to the entrance of the house, there is a bare spot where it is almost impossible for anything to grow because of the massive root system of the adjoining foundation shrubs.  So, when our son who lives and works in DC, offered to make us a container with his own two hands, I literally jumped at the opportunity, not hesitating a bit to give a size specification.

The remarkable part of his project is a zero-cost involvement evident by the material used: Slats of an old fence, scrap 2x4’s from a previous project, and leftover plywood that was given to him by a friend.  Even the nails and screws needed came from an existing supply in his tool box. Basically, the main investment was about two hours of his time, and of course, the work, which I understand turned out to be very rewarding. This homemade container, I must say, is truly one-of-a-kind and fits our need like a glove!  
Left with the challenge of finding appropriate plants to complement the rustic look of the container, sun-loving plants to be exact, I opted for a Canna with burgundy leaves and a couple of Lantanas, both with brilliant orange flowers; the combination is indeed very striking.

Needless to say, I intend to use the container made with much love over and over again.  
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