Elswick wins big in Matoaca Canvas, will be Republican Board candidate

Steve Elswick and the Matoaca District Republican Canvas sent out a strong message Saturday.

Elswick, former Chesterfield County Fire and EMT Chief, powered past opponent Dr. Kevin Al-Mateen by a record margin, 789-53, to claim the Republican spot on the ballot in November.

“I thank the voters for their confidence and support. Saturday was a beautiful day and they gave up a lot to turn out in big numbers,” Elswick commented. “I appreciate my opponent’s effort and know we can work together to put a Republican in the seat on the Board of Supervisors. I also thank the Republican Party for giving me this opportunity.”

In his home precinct at Phillips Fire Department, Elswick won the Canvas by an amazing 422-9 vote total. He won Parkway Baptist by 172-12, and Swift Creek Baptist 195-32.

Elswick, who retired after 31 years service as a firefighter in Chesterfield County, wanted to run four years ago, but stepped aside when his father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS).

“Dad passed and I was at his side,” Elswick explained. “I wish he could be here today. He would be so proud.”

Elswick believes he can make a positive difference on the Chesterfield Board. He looks forward to facing current Matoaca supervisor Marleen Durfee in November.
“Chesterfield is a great place to live, work and raise a family,” the former firefighter explained. “I have promised I will not vote to raise taxes. I will search for fat and waste and not put a burden on our hard working citizens.”

Elswick has children in the Chesterfield School System and knows the value of a good education.

“We must encourage more business growth in the county by cutting out so much red tape,” he added. “Business brings jobs for our citizens.”

The former fire chief has assembled a strong election team. “We have a lot of good people who have worked very hard to make this happen,” he added. “We will take a couple days off and look forward to November.”


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