Fausz announces bid for Bermuda Supervisor

Mark Fausz announced his candidacy this week for Chesterfield County Bermuda District Supervisor. Being an active member of the community, he knows this is the next step in fulfilling his civic duty. Because of recent leadership lapses on the Board of Supervisors, he feels it is more important than ever to run for office.

Fausz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will enable him to hit the ground running.

“I have been intimately involved with this community for 14 years through co-founding  the Chester Community Association, ChesterFest, Chester Farmer’s Market, as well as, being a founding director of the Chesterfield Center for the Arts Foundation,” Fausz said. He was also a founding member of the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, receiving the organization’s Presidents Award after three years on the chamber’s board of directors. His locally-focused business involvement garnered him the Chester Business Association’s “Business Person of the Year” award and a spot as Richmond Magazine’s “Chester’s Movers and Shakers” designation.

Fausz is also the owner and managing editor of the Village News, but will take a leave of absence during the campaign.

“I feel that it’s the only ethical thing to do,” he said. “Not only is it ethically right, but to give due diligence to the constituency, I need to give them my full attention.”

Fausz said that he will run on a community-based platform that focuses on the importance of the individual constituent and small business. He said he believes that everyone deserves representation and access to county government.

“My involvement at the personal level of the community has given me a satisfaction beyond kudos and accolades,” Fausz said.

As a reporter, Fausz has covered hundreds of Board of Supervisors and planning commission meetings and has interviewed numerous staff members, giving him a unique insight into the workings of county government.

Working as a true independent, he doesn’t believe in party politics at the local level. He will put the community first and look beyond the wishes of parties to achieve a better quality of life for Chesterfield. He said he will dilute the current board alliances, which empowers the northern side of the county.

Fausz said he will be accessible to all constituents giving them a personal connection with county departments when an issue arises, which affects their life or livelihood — something not available to everyone over the last four years.

Over the years, Fausz has watched with dismay as county services have declined, fees have increased and citizens have been ignored. He wants to put a stop to this kind of governing.

“I have no patience left for Chesterfield’s lack of direction,” Fausz said. “I can no longer sit and watch us lose the great services that the county has always provided, while paying through fees or hidden taxes and ignoring wasteful spending.”

Fausz is referring to library closures, athletic associations being pushed aside for SportsQuest, and the $1 million spent to develop the comprehensive plan, which a vote has been postponed until after the election.

Fausz said he will bring back dignity and respect to the Board of Supervisors, making fiscally sound decisions and bringing the voice of the Bermuda District to the forefront of the Chesterfield discussion.    

For more information on Fausz, visit www.markfausz.com or Facebook.


Addressing Mr. Humphries concern

The article you read was a press release written by me. As you may remember, the Village News also ran a press release for Dorothy and Chris McCarney on the front page a month or so ago. Also a couple weeks ago the VN ran a press release written by Stella Edwards. As you may also know I have taken a leave of absence and the publisher is looking for someone to replace me. VN has a policy to run every political candidate's press release announcing they will be running. In fact Dorothy is down one right now and could send one in at any time.
I believe the Village News has alway put the community first and focused on the important things in everyone's life. I also tried to be a fair reporter. I covered the county government for 14 year and came to realize that something positive had to be accomplished. Our supervisor has been voting in lockstep with the Midlothian supervisor with severe consquences to Bermuda.
There is a major dissatisfaction with our current supervisor, and I saw a lack of candidates available to run. I think you know I sincerely care about our community and want us to continue a quality of life we have been used to. I think that the county has turned the other way and a true Independent has to break up the triumpherant that exists there today.
Ms. Jaeckly thinks I have and advantage because of the newspaper, but encumbants always have the advantage. For example a supervisor has the right to be in schools on back-to-school night, a challenger cannot go inside. There are a number of examples like this.
Contact me at any time and I would be willing to talk about this further.
Email mark @ markfausz.com leave out the spaces. They are in there for security.
Thank you for your comment.

I have never seen such a

I have never seen such a glowing article about someone announcing they have entered a political race in the 20 years I have been following politics. It appears to have been written by a campaign manager, a family member, a strong supporter, or maybe even Mark himself; anyone other than a non-bias publication. Very flattering to say the least. It has almost convinced me to give Mark my vote, almost! Being a huge fan of the VN, and enjoying Marks coverage of Southern Chesterfield activities and County wide politics over the years, I am disappointed he has made this choice. The bias that exist between most media outlets and politics is out of control and this takes it to a new level. I feel the VN has done a fair job over the years walking that fine line, enough so to keep me as an avid reader. I just feel Mark is best for our community as a reporter of the news and not making the news, especially when he owns the news paper. Of course he has the right to do so, I just feel it muddies the water too much. I'll never be able to read the VN with the same level of respect again as it will be impossible to be a fair avenue of reporting. I recommend the VN does not even try to be balanced, don't claim to be fair and equal, just show complete favoritism and support for Mark while discrediting any other candidate. I'd actually respect the VN a bit more for at least showing some honesty if they did so. Anything else is just going to be a joke. Just the opinion of a far right conservative, who like Mark, will not be voting for Dorthy.


Run Mark Run. Let's take the party out of politics

You know that the Republcrats will say your a liberal, because your not following their dictates The Republicans have been in charge for 30 years, "Are we better off" NO Change means you need to get rid of the "Parties" and have true independence.
Not the puppet of a supervisor we have now in Bermuda
If the CRP isn't pulling her strings, then Dan Gecker is. Have you ever noticed that she always has to sit next to Dan?

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