‘Christmas’ comes early for Meadowbrook students

Meadowbrook High School kicked off the school-year by providing virtually every student in the building an assortment of free school supplies on the first day of school, Tuesday, Sept. 6.

The idea came during the spring through the collaboration of Meadowbrook Head Principal Dr. Thomas Ferrell and his leadership team, educators who sought to “incorporate more common practices throughout the entire building,” he said, “where all teachers and students are on the same page with expectations within the classroom.”

With the help of the Chesterfield County Public School’s central office, Ferrell was able to gather a sufficient amount of supplies through anonymous donations from local businesses. Students in grades 9-12 were supplied with binders, dividers, pens, pencils, highlighters and paper.

“It’s gotten us off to great start. Parents and students saw the expectation set on day one that we’re teaching and you’re learning,” he said.

According to Ferrell, messages were sent to parents of Meadowbrook students making them aware supplies would be provided to their children on the first day of school. The supplies were delivered the week before teachers reported for Teacher Work Week, and were made available for students once they arrived.

He said different teachers distributed the supplies in different methods; nonetheless, every student left school that afternoon with a complete set of free school supplies to use throughout the school-year.

“This initiative ties right into our small learning communities concept, with respect to making sure that all students are prepared to learn on day one,” he said. The concept was merged with CCPS’s mission to prepare students for life after high school, no matter the field they pursue. “We felt that providing them with the tools to be successful in high school would really get them off to a great start.”

Ferrell favors the implementation of this service to students every school year.

“It really gives us an opportunity to start strong from day one,” said Joe Farrell, a Government and World History teacher at Meadowbrook. “It was kind of like Christmas on the first day of school.”


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