King, Lincoln and Ross walk the halls at Enon

The halls of Enon Elementary School were abuzz March 5 as a group of American historical figures paraded through the halls.

Enon’s kindergarteners, clad as Betsy Ross, Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington, Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan or Abraham Lincoln or carrying a sign about their chosen figure, walked through the school as older students lined the halls to watch. The parade was part of Historical Figure Day in K, which is in its first year, kindergarten teacher Jenifer Williams said.

“They have been so excited,” Williams said. The children have been learning about the figures all year, she said, but during the last two weeks the class “honed in on each person.” Each child chose a figure to learn more about, she said, and they dressed up like that figure or made a poster with information about them for the event.

“The neat thing about it is … they’re spilling out facts, things we haven’t even talked about,” she said. “I think being able to participate in this kind of activity is going to help the information stick forever in a fun and engaging way.”

And, Historical Figure Day will “definitely be something that we continue,” she said.


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