Morgan honored with Sharyl W. Adams Award

The board of directors of SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment, Inc.), a community coalition in Chesterfield County that seeks to prevent substance abuse, has presented Mary Lib Morgan the Sharyl W. Adams Award for her outstanding contributions. Established by SAFE in 2009, the award recognizes individuals who make significant contributions to the prevention of substance abuse in Chesterfield County, and is named after Sharyl W. Adams who helped found SAFE as a community coalition in 1999.

“Her dedication to reducing substance abuse, combined with her exceptional skills and abilities, have been a tremendous asset to SAFE,” said Wayne Frith, executive director of SAFE.

Prior to serving as SAFE’s community coordinator last year, Morgan, a speech-language pathologist at Salem Church Middle School, worked in conjunction with SAFE from 2005 to 2010 as a prevention specialist for Chesterfield County Public Schools. She also became a SAFE prevention expert when inhalant abuse was identified as a problem among Chesterfield County youths.

Morgan also helped to develop and implement Café Conversations – SAFE’s initiative that fosters discussion among parents and young people to prevent underage drinking –, Teen Ambassadors, a program in which teens discuss with fifth-graders the effects of alcohol and other drugs on their brains, and Parent Pods, which provides small groups of parents an opportunity to discuss underage drinking and drug-related issues among themselves.

“It is the collective body of SAFE – the task forces, community partners, and engaged citizens – who bring about positive change for our community,” said Morgan. “While celebrating our accomplishments, we must stay focused on the unending work that lies ahead.”

For more information on the program, visit or call 516-1655.


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