Unique birthday

It happens every one hundred years, 11/11/11 and for Patty Mosher Abbott, her lucky number has always been 11.  

Abbott was born in 1975 at Richmond Memorial Hospital at 11 p.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month.  This week she will be celebrating her birthday with an event that happens once every hundred years, because the numbers are all 11.  Along with being born on Veterans Day, she was also born on her Grandfather’s birthday.

She says 11 has always been her lucky number. When Abbott played softball for the Enon Association her shirt number was always 11.  She went on to play softball for Thomas Dale High School where she wore the number 11 jersey.  She was also on the cheerleading squad.

Abbott is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mosher of Enon.  She resides in Midlothian with her husband and two daughters.  She will be celebrating her birthday this year with her best friend since childhood, Desire Bennett, whose birthday falls a day after hers, Nov. 12.  They will be running the Suntrust 8K together to celebrate both birthdays on Nov. 12 in Richmond.


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