VEPCO asks for zoning to build new power plant

Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO) last week asked Chesterfield’s planning commission to approve an amendment to the zoning map to permit a power plant. The plant would be located in a heavy industrial area on 233 acres located on the corner of Coach Road and Battery Brooke Parkway.

Accord to the application the plant would use natural gas as its primary fuel, unlike the Dutch Gap plant.

VEPCO would be purchasing the acreage, which is part of a larger 650 acre parcel that abuts the Dutch Gap power station on its northern boundary.

The power company is requesting some amendments to the current zoning standard including three air emissions stacks with a proposed maximum height of 320 feet. In addition, an auxiliary boiler, three heat recovery steam generators and an air cooled condenser are proposed at a maximum height of 175 feet.

VEPCO is also requesting that the setbacks from property lines be reduced from what should be 285 feet due to the height of the emission stacks to 50 feet.

Tuesday was the first time the planning commission had considered the case and no citizens address the commission on the case. They voted unanimously to approve VEPCO’s request.


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