Don’t forget them

I am writing this article at the request of a good friend of mine. This friend was a police officer for fifteen years and then transferred to the fire department from which he is now retired. These may be my words, but it is his heart that you will see in the midst of this article. His intent is that no one would be forgotten, the living, or in this case, the deceased.

My friend visits the cemetery where his loved ones have been buried. He noticed three graves of three very young children, and decided to attempt to research what caused their deaths, figuring that it must have been due to a fire or a vehicle accident. He took notice of these three because he never sees flowers on any of their graves. His research revealed that, at a very young age, all three were killed in a house fire that, incidentally, started in the kitchen.

Since learning what happened to these three, he has decided to adopt them, in a sense. The point of the adoption is to place flowers on their graves. These three children have been in the presence of the Lord for many years. Their years on this earth were short-lived, but I take great comfort in knowing where they are spending eternity.

The fire that led to their deaths could have been prevented. Another tragic piece to this story is that the children had been left home alone when the fire broke out. Each of these children were so young that they would have had to been helped out of the home.

I happen to be one that does not visit cemeteries often. In my friend’s case, he takes comfort in visiting his loved ones’ gravesites. The fact that he took notice of these three children’s graves and was willing to research their cause of death speaks volumes of who he is. His note to me stated “So Sad.” Isn’t it funny what we could see, if we were willing to look past ourselves? There is not a thing that we can do for these children except to say a prayer for the family that lost them, and be thankful that someone cared enough to put flowers on their graves. May we never forget.     


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