Super Bowl Saturday

Last Saturday marked the end to the Chesterfield Quarterback League 2011 season.  A season that started over four months ago culminated into the final games of the season: the Super Bowl for Minors, Juniors and Seniors and the Senior Bowl for the Super Seniors.  The Southern Division champions versus the Northern Division Champions.  
Following are the results along with photos from Saturday’s games.

Minors:  Wells Warriors  20  - Smith Sharks  14
Wells standings:  6 wins 0 losses in Conference; 8 wins 0 losses overall

The Wells Warriors represented the Southern Division and won, making three touchdowns against Northern Division Smith Sharks with the final score 20-14.  They played a great game.  Gabriel Alexander and Jahmeel Campbell scored touchdowns in the first half.  Going into the second half with a score of 13-0, the coaching staff sent the second and third string players in to get a taste of the play in a Super Bowl. Campbell scored the third touchdown in the second half.  The player to watch in the coming years is Jahmeel Campbell.  He loves the game and displays it on the field with speed and determination.

Juniors:  Marguerite Christian Panthers 18  - Clover Hill Bulldogs  0
M. Christian standings:  6 wins 0 losses in Conference; 8 wins 0 losses overall

Coach Brian Foutz told his team before their third trophy for the season was presented to them, “You finished this season in a glorious way.  It was not one kid it was everybody making the grade.” Many of these players played for the Minors and won the Super Bowl in 2009.  Coach Foutz says these boys are destined to succeed in football.  The boys on this team may also play a part in the years to come with helping Thomas Dale High School football team during the 2017 or 2018 seasons.  

Touchdowns were made by No. 28 Kameron Lewis; No. 34 Maxwell Oxendine and No. 12 Tre’ Tillman.

Seniors:  Matoaca Indians 6  - Weaver Titans 18
Matoaca standings:  7 wins 0 losses in Conference; 8 wins 0 losses overall

The Matoaca seniors had a hard time keeping the ball.  It was the mission of the Titans to keep the Indians from scoring and take down No. 22, C. J. Blount.  The Titans held the ball in play most of the game.  Matoaca finally fought through the Titans defense with No. 19, Terrence Whitfield making it to the goal line with fewer than three minutes left in the third quarter, giving them hope to win the game with a score of 6-6.  The Titans racked up another score with 8 seconds left in the third quarter and remained strong for the rest of the game, winning 18-6.


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