Spring is here, busying the bees

It’s that time again – spring is here and our family is as busy as little bees.  We have birthdays, anniversaries and a new baby to celebrate.  This has always been my favorite time of year and thankfully, after all of the snow, spring has made its presence known right on time this year in Chester.

It’s the blue of the sky, the smell of the first-cut grass and the bright yellow of the forsythia and daffodils.  I can feel it bubbling through my body, this joy that spring brings with it.  Having a new baby during this time is just wonderful and so peaceful.  She is so content to have the windows open, the ceiling fan on for her enjoyment and a pacifier going steady in her little perfect mouth; it really doesn’t get any better.  Not to mention that her brother gets to play outside all day and when he comes in he is worn out. There is nothing that sets a mother’s heart a flutter like a worn out 4-year-old; you have high hopes that you will not have to read 23 books tonight before bed, and one will be all it takes to see those big, brown eyes getting droopy.  

My beloved and I will also be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary on the first official day of spring.  It’s quite convenient to have our anniversary on a solstice day – it’s always on the calendar and we never forget!  Not much is going to happen this year with us getting used to two children, other than big guy going to stay with his grandmother.  I have relented now that I have two humans that I am responsible for, and it has been much easier to convince me to let him have sleepovers at his grandparents’ houses.  That and the fact that my guy will be 4 years old in a few weeks are enough to keep me from being a total wreck when he’s not in the Chester town limits.  

The big four-year mark is looming.  As of April 1, my baby will be 4 years old and my other baby will be 8 weeks old.  It goes so fast!  We are having a party, of course; however, I will be eating my words from last year and have rented an inflatable.  We wanted his birthday to be special this year with the arrival of her – you know, the intruder otherwise known as the little sister.  So Chester, I eat my words and an inflatable will be present at this year’s birthday party.  My only rule is to not feed any of the heathens before they bounce themselves into oblivion; vomit and I do not get along.

Warm weather, sunshine, that certain spring fragrance – it’s all here and open for our enjoyment everyday.  We Lashleys will be springing it up daily with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and trips to the playground, because it won’t be long before the humidity will be killing us all.  Get outside, everyone; enjoy these days and remember: Don’t forget to take your Benadryl.


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