Ranking 2011

It’s time again to review another year. And what a year 2011 has been.  From earthquakes and hurricanes to anniversaries and elections we have been very busy.

Good things have happened to us, opportunities have arrived and projects completed. We have a lot to be thankful for, a lot more to do and resolutions to fulfill.

In this week’s Village News, we look back at 2011; the good and the bad, the happy and sad, and accomplishments and frustrations. An we rank the most important to the the not so important. As we look back at how Chesterfield has weathered the storm of the economy and actually improved our lot in life, remember that what Village News editors think was important may not be what you think was important. Take it with a grain of salt and take a minute to reminisce and by all means drop us a line about what you think was important to you in 2011.

Happy New Year to you, your family and friends. Here’s to a brighter and properous 2012.


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