Max is looking for a pocket

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  I was sitting here repairing my leather wallet and I got inspired to write this article, and yes Max…I am a writer…and yes, as a true artist, I have to be inspired to write.  I will have you know that great articles [like this one] do not happen by chance; what do you mean you will believe it when you see one? Ok ,enough…I need quite…go to your room.  Also, I know you are just upset about my wallet.  Why?  Because you don’t have any pockets and you cannot have a wallet.  So there!  Ok, now without any further interruptions, you were probably wondering why I was repairing my wallet.  I have had this wallet for a long time…so long ago  I cannot remember when I got it, but you need to know that men only need one wallet as compared to women who seem to need as many purses and handbags as they do shoes.  You will never see a man do this, “Honey, which wallet makes me look slimmer…the sharkskin or the alligator one?”  “Oh forget it, I am going to go with the rubbed black leather one …it goes with everything.  I just hope Bob does not pay the dinner bill with his anniversary wallet …you know the one with the diamond. He is always flaunting it around at restaurants and telling everyone it is a Chuck Norris signature wallet. I wish I had one like that.  Hint.”  Matter of fact I do not know of any men that uses more than one wallet, and they will use it until it falls apart.  I remember many, many years ago I was home from college and on my birthday we went to the local county fair.  When we got there my mom handed me a small package and in it was a new wallet.  I said the usual thanks etc., but all the time I was thinking, “Why a wallet?  I have a perfectly good wallet now.  What is up with that?”  So that wallet disappeared in my sock drawer and I do not remember if it ever saw the light of day.  Anyway, old faithful is successfully super-glued…my license will no longer have a tendency to fall out of its holder and all is good with the world.


“Of all possessions, a friend is the most precious.”  Herodotus

A taxi driver and a minister arrived in heaven at the same time. The taxi driver was led to large mansion while the minister was given a small back room to live in. “I don’t get it,” the minister said, “All he did was drive a cab. I was in the ministry for decades.” “Up here, we go by results,” St. Peter said. “While you preached, people slept. While he drove, people prayed.”

Finally, our last mortgage payment. To make a ceremony of it, we went to the bank and paid it in person. The teller processed everything and handed me the closing papers. Heading for the door, I suddenly remembered a rebate check I’d brought along to cash. I went back to the same teller. “Sorry, we can’t do that,” she explained. “You don’t have an account here.”
My masterpiece is done… did you hear that Max?  As always be good, play safe and remember don’t mess with a man’s wallet.  

JR and Max


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