Max and Valentine’s Day

Hello and welcome back to the non-romantic world of the Dogpound.  I know..I know…with Valentine in the main title you were expecting all kinds of mushy and gooey words about the heart shaped day that falls on the 14th.  Well, in this household, we are just two guys..two bachelor guys that is…. just kicking back and enjoying our freedom.  Yes Max, I mean “us” two guys. Now I know you think that the neighbor’s cute little black lab has her eye on you, but I am afraid I am going to have to burst your bubble.  She does come running to the house to see you; nope, she is just coming to get that doggie treat I toss out the door whenever I get home.  No, I am not trying to hog into your territory; I just feel sorry for her since she has to spend most of her time outside in the cold while you get to lie in front of the fireplace snoring logs.. quite loudly if I may add.   Now take my advice ..well there is always a first time even for you;  if you want her attention then you need to give her your undivided attention.  No,  I am not going to give you a doggie treat so you can give it to her for Valentine’s Day.  I know you… and I know that doggie treat will never see the light of day.

Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.”  Victor Hugo

*A newly married man asked his wife “would you have married me if my father hadn’t left me a fortune?” “Honey” the woman replied sweetly, “ I’d have married you no matter who left you a fortune.”

*According to a recent survey, kids are receiving on the average 40 cents less from the tooth fairy. Yep, the economy is so bad that even make-believe people are feeling the pinch.

*A photographer was hired to take a picture at a lawyer’s convention. As he prepared to take a group photo, he shouted, “Everybody say ‘fees!”

*A woman answered her front door to find a plumber standing on the porch. “I’m here to fix a leaky pipe.” he announced. “I didn’t call a plumber, “ the woman said. “ Are you sure no one from this house called?” “ I should know, we’ve lived here for a year.” “How do you like that?” the plumber grumbled to himself. “ They call you up and tell you it’s an emergency, and then they move away!”

That is a wrap.  As always be good, play safe and remember matters of the heart are important all the time.  

JR and Max


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