Taming the wild ‘little flower’

As I write this I am looking at my precious little flower who will be two this week. The curl of her hair (the hair I thought she would never get), the curve of her small cheek, flushed endearingly so as she sits quietly content to watch her one true love, Olivia.  Olivia, if you all are not in the know, is a pig.  She is not just any pig mind you, she is THE pig.  Olivia is an adventurous little girl/pig with a huge imagination.  Olivia loves her little “bother” (brother) and my little flower loves her. We have all of her books and watch all of her episodes on Nick Jr., in a word, she is infatuated.

Not only does the little flower love all things Olivia (and that includes Olivia’s favorite colors red and white and it must be STRIPES I say!), she does save some of her affection for her big brother.  When she’s not tackling him, making him pick her up and/or bossing him around they do play quite nicely together. She loves everything about him and if he is not giving her all of his attention she will shout his name at the top of her little lungs, which I must say, she is quite good at, until he refocuses and takes notice of her.

She is my little wonder, as in, I am captivated by her and not always in a good way. I adore her, I love her with all that I am and I also have no idea what to do with her.  I have parented a certain way for almost six years. As you know the boy has been quite easy, a little tantrum throwing now and again between two and three but that’s to be expected.  This one however, words can’t describe the differences.  She is quite verbal for her age; she will be two this week and talks in complete sentences and doesn’t mind telling me what’s what.  She is bossy, dramatic, adventurous in a scary way (up and down the stairs, throwing things in the toilet, jumping on the bed what is this?), bright, loving, imaginative and absolutely wonderful.  

She stomps her feet and crosses her arms over her chest already! What do you do with that? I am trying to nip this attitude in the bud but it’s like I have a fourteen year old in a two year olds body. It’s crazy. Is this a girl thing?  Thankfully I have gone to the one who has all the answers for child rearing over this one, my Grandma.  I am following her direction and thankfully it’s working a bit.  I have got to rein this one in, she’s a wild one.  I guess I was naïve enough to think that because they were similar babies they would be similar toddlers and so on, dumb Mommy.

So, as my precious little flower turns two (I can’t believe it) I only wish her happiness, love, sparkles and rainbows and anything else a two year old might want (things to throw in the toilet)? And as for me I only hope that I can survive the next year and we make it to three without too much eye rolling(her),  stomping up the stairs and crying in the bathroom(that ones for me).  Happy Birthday my sweet girl, you really are sugar and spice and everything nice, even if they did give you a hefty dose of the spice.


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