Police blotter

COURTHOUSE  RD  2/13  Entry gained via unlocked side door.  Items taken.

NOEL ST  2/10  Bellwood Terrace Apts.  Apartment door kicked in.  Property taken.

PERDUE AVE  1/08  Matoaca.  Suspect/s forced entry through a rear patio door and also gained entry to the crawl space.  Copper was stolen from underneath the vacant residence.

GREAT BRANCH DR  10/01/2011  Densewood Hill.  Suspect/s stole copper pipes from underneath the vacant residence.

EXHALL DR  2/13  Kentwood Forest.  Dead bolt on front door pried.  No entry gained.

WINFREE ST  2/14  Victim stated suspect/s gained entry to her residence and at this time nothing has been reported stolen.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

TANDEM DR  1/14  Old Coach Hills.  Rear door pried open.  Items taken.

MONZA DR  2/14  Meadowbrook.  Old heat pump stolen from driveway while workers were installing a new one.

MIMMS DR  2/8  County Jail.  Listed items were stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

HOGANS ALLEY  2/14  Rivers Bend.  Victim’s vehicle was left unlocked and the listed items were stolen.

OLD ST ANDREWS PL  2/13  Rivers Bend.  Item was stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

SARAZEN LN  2/13  Rivers Bend.  Items were taken from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

APPLEWOOD RD  2/15  Meadowbrook Manor.  Suspect/s forced entry through a side door and stole the listed property from the victim’s residence.

MORNINGMIST CR  2/15  Meadow Oaks.  Unknown suspect/s broke the glass out of a rear laundry room door to access the interior of the home.  Once inside, suspect/s ransacked and vandalized the residence removing property.

RIVER RD  2/15  Front door forced open with property taken.

OAK BLUFF TR  2/15  Grand Oaks.  Known suspect entered the residence via the unlocked front door and was observed taking property.

IVAN RD  2/1  Eagle Cove.  One plate taken.

SHADY CREEK RD  2/17  Shady Creek.  Two unknown suspects kicked in the side door to gain entry, however, when confronted by the owners of the residence they fled back out the same door.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  2/16  J & L Used Auto Sales.  Unknown suspect/s entered the unsecured garage behind the business and stole items.  There was damage done to one of the vehicles left on the lot as well.


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